Why should you make an expansion plan?

 Yes, success takes preparation! Entrepreneurs like plans: strategic plan, action plan, business plan and even expansion plan.

It’s good because planning rigorously and strategically to achieve your goals rarely leads to failure in the business world. They are incomparable resources: a valuable roadmap, the path to follow to realize your potential. Even if they overlap on certain fundamental points, all management tools serve a very specific purpose.

The expansion plan, on the other hand, provides for the growth of your business, big or small. This may involve planning:

Integration of a new target market

Introducing a new product or service over the next few years to your existing and future customers

Better human resources management to attract new employees or retain those who currently work for you

The acquisition or merger of a new strategic company for your growth

The expansion plan brings together your marketing strategy to ensure your sustainability and your survival in a capitalist context that does not leave room for managers who do not constantly innovate.

What are the growth strategies?

A good expansion plan requires a good growth strategy. Although there are as many as there are entrepreneurs, there are four main ones. Besides, we wrote an article about it. Go take a look right here!

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What are the stages of business development?

The start

The growth


Renewal or… Decline

Which of the four will you be? That’s why you need an expansion plan (yes, even small businesses and bigger ones)!

But why make an expansion plan?

Writing and monitoring an expansion plan has several benefits for a business. Although it is more about the short term (the expansion plan is often for the next two years), this type of plan is essential for the future of your business. The expansion plan, in addition to being a popular document for investors, helps you to:

Better execute your overall business strategy

Better manage your finances, priorities and growth risks

Encourage stimulating thinking and bring creativity

Adapt to a constantly evolving and rapidly changing market

Boost deal flow

Create strategic and solid alliances and partnerships

Be prepared to manage change (inevitable in today’s market and economy)

Motivate and inspire your team towards growth, change, improvement, but also clear goals

Better understand the market, customers and their needs/interests

Specify your target audience

Increase your level of tolerance and responsiveness to the unexpected

Significantly increase your long-term profitability

Take advantage of what sets you apart from the competition

Have a better long-term vision

Identify key growth areas related to your operations

Attract customers and improve their experience, loyalty

stay focused

Diversify your sources of income

Strengthen your corporate culture

Create more engaging advertising and marketing campaigns

Maximize your success!

How to make an expansion plan?

It’s been said many times, but there is no one way to do things in business and the expansion plan is no exception.

Here are our basic tips for cultivating a relevant and sustainable expansion plan:

Take stock of your resources

First and foremost, your expansion plan should be realistic and relevant to your current situation. Going too fast, too far, is not necessarily advantageous! Slow and steady as they say. Take stock of your resources, the market, your positioning before initiating any reflection on an expansion plan.

Lead by example

If you are a company with integrity where employees have fun and customers are happy, everyone will want to work with you and you will be spoiled for choice as to which company is best placed to take you to the next level. . You have to give before you can receive and maintain your reputation.

Be flexible

An expansion plan needs to be reworked and it should be the result of collaborative work over time. Review your expansion plan every quarter (about every three or six months): it may no longer serve your interests and objectives! Adjust as needed and check that your strategies are working

Invest in technology

Invest in efficient digital technologies relevant to your field. It’s the future!

Be yourself

It is not by sacrificing your identity and your corporate cultures that you will be able to complete an expansion plan. Such a plan should be in line with your values ​​and simply push you to continually improve!

Always keep learning

Take training, develop new methods and skills, listen to suggestions from your employees, your suppliers, the competition, etc.

Analyze the regulations

Analyze the regulations governing your sector of activity and carry out a consequent market study

Keep an eye on your financial goals

Your expansion plan should be centered on your financial goals. Establish a budget, a responsible team and a schedule that will allow you to keep an eye on the achievement of your financial objectives. Always include your marketing strategy and staffing needs.

In short, the expansion plan is essential, because today more than ever before, the market has proven to be much more complex and saturated. Assessing your performance in strictly financial terms is no longer sufficient. You have to keep an eye open to spot entrepreneurs as passionate as you who will be able to accompany you in innovation. With a new generation at the doorstep of the workplace, we must think outside the box and transform these major changes into opportunities to be seized.

Above all, for the incredible potential of the expansion plan to be revealed, you must know how to transform it into a dynamic and effective tool. And, if you don’t know how, smallbusinesscoach is here for you and has dynamism to spare! Call on our advisors to start your important element today and plan your future fame.

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