A few of the shingles on your roof are covered with a thick, black substance. What is it, exactly? Does this smell like mould or mildew, or is it just dirt that has found its way down there? Roof cleaning: does it need to be done? Algae are most likely the culprit of that mysterious sludge. Algae bloom on roofs when water or moisture is present, according to the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers (ARMA). Birds and wind carry the spores to the roof.

As an alternative, look for green fuzzy patches on your roof, indicating moss’s presence. Moist conditions are favourable for the development of moss. It is not good for your roof’s health to have growth of moss or algae. Is it essential to clean your roof, or is it better to leave it alone?

When Is the Best Time to Clean Your Roof?

Heavy rain, on the other hand, might wash away the detergents before they have a chance to break down stubborn mud and filth on your roof. Walking on a damp roof might also be hazardous! If you need to, wait for just a clear day to clean safely and thoroughly.

Pollen from the roof should be cleaned up once springtime allergy season is gone if you suffer from allergies. Consider roof cleaning a week or so before you expose the patio and deck for homeowners that love to party outdoors, so any detergent odours and odours have time to evaporate before you light the grill! The end of the autumn is a good time to clear up any growth and eliminate any spores or roots that may be present before the snow comes to cover the shingles and tiles. Because of the lower humidity levels, a fall roof cleaning is less likely to see moss or other growth reappear.

If homeowners plan to put their house on the market, they may want to have the roof washed. Even if a clean roof does not raise the total worth of your home, consider that unclean external surfaces, especially roofs, typically put off prospective buyers! Whether you haven’t scheduled roof cleaning and other cleaners’ service before taking photographs or putting up that “for sale” sign in front, prospective buyers may worry if you’ve kept your property correctly.

Which Parts Of Roof Cleaning Are Included?

Algae and moss removal is the primary goal of Roof Cleaning Melbourne. Moss or algae spores may be killed using chlorine, the same sort you use to whiten your clothes or clean your toilet. The ARMA advises a 1:1 bleach to water ratio to clean a roof. Using a power washer on shingle roofs is also discouraged since the rush of water might cause them to break down.

Bleach solution must be washed off the roof with clean water after it has been allowed to settle for up to 20 minutes on the surface. After a few rain storms, the roof should be free of leftover algae. The roof cleaner may use a leaf blower to clear any remaining moss.

Benefits of Maintaining a Clean Roof

The prevention of leaks, debris accumulation, and the development of mould and mildew is made easier with regular roof care. A maintenance programme might help you prevent many common diseases.

Save Money

Getting the roof cleaned regularly can save you a lot of money in the long run. Reducing infestations, mildew, and foundation issues may be costly and time-consuming. These problems may be traced back to neglecting your roof or gutters.

Using This Product Will Keep Your Roof From Being Damaged

Do you know what is ageing and weathering your roof? Leaving moss or algae on your roof may lead to serious problems down the road, so cleaning it now might save you many headaches. If you do not get rid of them, they might damage your roof and compel you to rebuild it sooner than you would want. When your roof is cleaned, you will also have it maintained to ensure that moss, algae, or whatever hasn’t harmed it.

Gleaming Face

Keeping your roof cleaned all year long is a great way to improve its look. The appearance of your home will be much enhanced if you maintain the cleanliness of your roof. If you’re attempting to sell it or create a good first impression on the neighbours, you should do so.

A low-cost option to increase the value of your house when you decide to put it on the market is to have the roof cleaned. Even if your roof is in excellent shape, a filthy roof can deter prospective clients. The fact that most prospective purchasers are not roofing professionals will lead them to conclude that the roof needs to be fixed if it is unkempt.

Purchasers will likely subtract the cost of a new roof from your selling price. Depending on the market and other circumstances, a year or more may elapse before you find a buyer for your property. It is important to keep your roof in good shape while attempting to sell your house so that it sells for the full asking price.

Remove Moss From The Landscape

A mossy roof is easy to build if the location has a lot of water for the plant to grow. A possible issue with your roof’s performance is both at stake when it happens. Moisture from moss may lead to discolouration and possibly damage roof systems over time because it traps moisture. There is a risk of significant harm if it is left unattended or neglected. For your roof to appear and operate its best, it must be cleaned thoroughly by a professional provider.

Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters are clogged, commercial roofing clean will also take care of them. Gutter cleaning is necessary to allow rainwater to flow freely through your gutters and into your drains.

However, they may be clogged with leaves after a while. Your gutters can crack or break if there are clogs in them. Generally, it is best to maintain them clean so they can function correctly throughout the year.


Having a well-maintained roof ensures a pleasant house. Damage to the foundation, loss of insulation, and water penetration from a damaged roof is all signs of unhappiness in a house. When you clean your roof regularly, you extend its lifespan and lower your home’s maintenance expenses.

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