One of the most popular places to renovate in a home is the kitchen, and that is followed very closely by the bathroom. While both have their own things to be replaced and redone, they each have in common the countertops. One of the common materials chosen for both bathrooms and kitchens are quartz countertops, Point Pleasant Beach and beyond. There are some good reasons for its popularity so let’s explore some of them!

Quartz countertops have a global popularity

While different themes and design styles come and go with both rooms, there are certain features that remain constant. Having a great-looking countertop is one of those things. While granite and marble remain popular too over the years a large number of homeowners are choosing quartz instead for several reasons including still getting the beauty while being a more budget-friendly option. Here is a closer look at why people still choose quartz come what may, all around the world.

  1. It is easy to source – Being engineered stone, quartz is not a natural resource that is being mined and depleted that will one day run out.
  2. Safe to use – Quartz countertops Toms River are completely safe to use with food preparation and such. They do not absorb chemicals, bacteria will not thrive in them and they also do not stain easily when those spills happen.
  3. Uniform in appearance – This one divides people, for some, it is one of the advantages of quartz and for some, it is a disadvantage. But it is true that quartz is definitely a more uniform look than natural stone like granite or marble. It is perfect for when you want something simple but attractive. It makes it easier to plan around how you want to decorate.
  4. A wider range of color options – Being man-made quartz can come in any color you want, so you have more control over the look you want to achieve. You could choose your countertops and then plan the other colors around them.
  5. Easy to look after – Another lovely thing about quartz countertops Point Pleasant Beach is that once they are installed they are very simple and easy to keep clean, and there is no need to have them sealed or even re-sealed later as they age. Just wipe with a damp cloth.
  6. Affordable – As mentioned Quartz countertops are a very affordable option compared to natural stones so you can achieve a certain look without breaking your budget.


Choose expert installers for quartz countertops Toms River and you will enjoy affordability, a long life span, easy care, lots of color options and not having to worry about sourcing the material. Your countertops are an important part of how the kitchen and bathroom look as well as being a practical aspect of the room that needs certain qualities to work. Quartz offers both looks and practicality. Talk to your suppliers and installers about what they can offer and consider how quartz can be the best choice you make with your kitchen and bathroom renovations.

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