Which fence to choose for your house?

The choice of fence remains a decisive point for your home. Indeed, it is the first thing that we see of your property. It is often difficult to make the right choices when you are not an expert or a connoisseur of the world of fencing. unifloorwpcisthere to help and advise you.

This article will allow you to make the right choices of materials to make your fence by distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of each of these materials, on aesthetic, economic and functional criteria.

The different types of fence


  1. PVC: does not require maintenance, but its appearance deteriorates over the long term and remains fragile with use.
  2. Aluminum: offers a modern design and resists corrosion. Remains more expensive but has a longer life than most materials. Materials of the future: it is clean and 100% recyclable
  3. Wrought iron: brings a traditional aesthetic, but suffers from rust.
  4. Wood: remains the classic material providing warmth and naturalness. It requires regular maintenance with stain.
  5. Composite: lasts for at least 10 years, without any maintenance. It is a light but strong material, which combines the best properties of wood and plastic. This material has the natural look of wood, but you avoid all the disadvantages of wood thanks to the synthetic resin.
  6. Concrete: is a strong material that can imitate many aspects, but it is difficult to put in place alone.
  7. The fence: remains the cheapest fence, but it is also the least solid.
  8. Stone:involves the construction of a low wall that provides a sturdy and natural fence. Its price is higher than for a basic fence.
  9. The plant fence: requires regular maintenance (pruning, watering, etc.) and offers a 100% natural fence. Its disadvantage is its fragility

Trendy fence

Trendy materials


Aluminum is a material that has many advantages. Its greatest assets are undoubtedly its resistance and its lightness: aluminum is a very light, durable and solid material. It can be offered in many colors, thanks to the powder coating technique. Bet on anthracite gray or other dark colors such as black or midnight blue for their modern and aesthetic sides. read more: interior residential painting


There are many reasons to choose composite for your fence. The composite fence is an excellent way to dress up your property and we all don’t want to spend time maintaining it once it’s been installed. A fence must be practical, resistant and aesthetic. The composite is thus one of its best allies.

Fences Craftsman Fence

Discover our aluminum and composite fences by unifloorwpc composite fencing supplier. Choose materials that are durable, easy to maintain, modern and highly customizable. Thanks to aluminum, take advantage of many possible configurations. We offer models with louvered or stackable slats (full, perforated or semi-perforated) in 2 different colors, with the possibility of combining aluminum and laser cutting. Composite wood is one of the most appreciable materials for its many qualities: aesthetic, sober, requiring very little maintenance. And what’s more: installed in no time! And if you hesitate in choosing your aluminum fence, let our advisers guide you!

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