Which Disposable E-cigarette Brands Are The Top Picks For You?

By becoming the most famous style of vaping, disposable electronic bars have set new records of popularity. Due to them being simple to operate, the demand for disposables is ever-increasing. They come fully prepared for vaping. Your only task after making the purchase is to pull them straight out of the vaping package. After that draw, you first inhale, and that is it! Your vape bar will automatically turn on. And no, you need to search for any buttons or triggers to get started in the disposable e-bar. Since they are draw-activated therefore, no such button formality is required. 

The advanced technology in disposable e-bars is a valuable addition to the vape industry. This is why we dedicated this blog post to introducing you to top disposable electronic cigarette companies. The following piece will discuss the qualities of each brand. Let us begin by delving into the brief world of disposables.

What disposable brand should be picked?

Choosing one specific disposable vape that fits all your needs and wants can be hard. The whole process of selection can be complex because there are plenty of variations in the market. However, certain things can help you foresee whether or not you should buy the device. For example, puff count, flavor intensity, e-liquid capacity, nicotine level, battery type, etc. Check out the following brands’ features to get an idea about vape selection.

FOG X disposable electronic cigarette.

This brand has its roots in southern California. Fog X’s goal is always to develop new and interesting solutions. They try to remedy the problem of the best alternative to smoking. They even tried to imitate cigarette feel in their vape devices. Such a tobacco-like experience in vape bars can help smokers quit without harm. Following are the specifications of this company’s disposable gadgets.

Main characteristics

  • The nicotine salt percentage is up to 5%.
  • The puff count of Fog X is 6000 draws per device.
  • The e-liquid capacity is amazing, with a total filling of 13ml of vape juice.
  • The battery inserted is 650mAh.
  • The best feature is its rechargeable battery. Such type of battery is rare to find in disposable devices.

Elf bar disposable electronic cigarette

Since 2018 Elf bar is constantly trying to bring innovations to their vape devices. The popularity of this brand is due to its premium e-juice housed in beautiful disposable vape bars. Introducing their latest piece Elf Bar BC 5000, has raised this company to new heights of public admiration. Following are the main features:

Main characteristics

  • The nicotine percentage is the same as Fog X, i.e., 5 percent.
  • The puff capacity is 5000 draws per device.
  • The e-liquid measurement is 13ml. Same as in Fog X.
  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • The range of the battery is 650mAh.

Flum disposable electronic cigarette

This brand is experienced in producing premium quality disposables. This device’s best and most popular trait is its best-tasting juicy flavors. The design is unique and worth remembering. The shape of these e-bars is not only appealing to the eye. They also fit comfortably in the palm of different hand types. Their flum float vape bar proved a game changer in the disposable market. The round-shaped device and built-in mouthpiece are unique about this company. Following are the main features of flum disposable electronic cigarettes.

Main characteristics

  • The nicotine percentage is 5 percent TFN salt nicotine.
  • The puff count is less than the previous two brands. It is 3000 puffs per bar.
  • The e-juice capacity stands at an average of 8ml.
  • It uses draw-activated technology to initiate the vaping bar.
  • It comes prefilled and precharged like most other disposable brands.

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