What to Know Before Transplanting to Vegas

Moving to Vegas is the dream for so many people who love the live entertainment and aren’t afraid of losing a dollar or two to the casinos.  If you’re ready to make the change and want to move to the city of lights: these are the top things before making that move to Vegas!

Vegas Has an Off Season!

If you’re moving to Vegas, there’s a chance you’ll be nervous about the nonstop 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year rush: but Vegas does have an off-season!  Between the middle of July to the beginning of September, the traffic here slows.  Visitors are either going back to school or don’t want to be here in the hottest part of the year and avoid the city.

That means there are tons of discounts, and fewer lines, allowing you to make the most out of the city during this time.  You’ll find yourself looking forward to this every year!

Housing is Incredibly Expensive

Nobody moves to Vegas expecting it to be cheap, but houses for rent in Las Vegas can be extremely pricey.  When you’re getting ready to move, it’s a good idea to save up at least three months of what your expenses would be in Vegas.  This doesn’t just mean housing; it’s also food, transit, healthcare, and any other bills you’re going to have.  Although the job market here is great, and you’ll be able to find work: it’s still important to be prepared for the worst.

There’s So Much Beyond the Strip

The strip isn’t all there is to Vegas!  If you drive outside of the main city, there are tons of smaller businesses, resorts, ranches, and lots of fun to have.  It’s important not to drive out into the desert alone unless you know what you’re doing, but there’s a lot to see and do in the local area.  This is going to be a relief if you live here since you’ll occasionally want breaks from the rush and glamor of the city.

You’ll Always Have the Best Food

Vegas brings the best chefs from around the world into its restaurants!  This is awesome for you since you’ll be able to afford to eat and shop anywhere you want in the city!  Of course, the prices for food are higher than in most of the country, but if you want to treat yourself, or you have a great budget: you’ll get a lot out of the food here!

There are some affordable buffets and fun restaurants, of course, but the Michelin star ones are going to be two to three times the average price!

Public Transit is a Great Option!

The traffic in Vegas is a lot to deal with!  If you’re not used to bad traffic or dealing with drivers who don’t know what they’re doing, driving in Vegas is just going to end up with road rage for you every day.  Consider taking public transit!  Not only is it always on time, but the city also works hard to keep it clean and good.

Moving to Vegas Could be the Best Time of Your Life!

Vegas is a dream come true: consider moving here soon!  Not only will you love the fun and excitement in the city, but you’ll have fun getting to know Nevada as a whole!

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