What To Do If You Lost Your Health Insurance Card

Losing your health insurance card is not unusual; it can happen to anyone.

But you must know what is required of you if your insurance card is damaged beyond recognition, misplaced or stolen. 

Some insurance providers offer assistance on this matter via phone call or online support, like in the case of the toll-free Aditya Birla health insurance customer care number available to both policy and non-policyholders.

Nevertheless, this guide highlights the general steps you should take if you ever lose your health insurance card in India.

What constitutes a loss of a health insurance card?

As mentioned before, your insurance card can be deemed lost when it is damaged or destroyed beyond recognition, misplaced or stolen. 

  • Destruction of your health card: For example, fire or a corrosive chemical may destroy your card beyond recognition.
  • Misplacement of your health card: You could lose your health card through oversight or carelessness.  
  • Theft of card: Your health insurance card can be lost through theft. It could be coincidental or with the intent to defraud your insurance provider.

Necessary steps following a loss of a health insurance card

If you lose your health insurance identity card in any of the ways highlighted above, your insurer would require you to take certain necessary steps. 

These steps will officially inform your insurer of the loss and protect your interests and claims under your individual health insurance coverage plan. 

Below are key steps you should follow:

Officially inform your insurer of your lost card

It is the first step, and you need to inform your insurer of the loss in writing and apply for the issuance of a new card. 

You will state the nature of the loss, for example, that your card was misplaced.  You will also provide the presumed date of the loss of your card for the record. 

In addition, your insurer would also need other information, such as; the details of your health insurance policy. Depending on your insurer, you may submit the letter in person or via email with accompanying documentation. 

File a police report

You may be required to file an FIR if your health card is missing or stolen. Your insurer would expect you to attach a notarised copy of your FIR to your new health card application letter.

If your health card was destroyed by fire or other means, you might not be required to file a police complaint. 

Advertise in the daily newspapers

Insurance companies also require policyholders to place an ad in a daily newspaper if their health card goes missing. A copy of the ad should be attached to your application letter for issuing a new health card along with your FIR. 

Your insurer would expect you to place a missing health card advertisement no later than 30 days from the date you discovered your health card went missing.

Take up an indemnity bond for your stolen health insurance card

You will be required to take up an indemnity bond if your health insurance card is stolen. This bond is created on stamp paper and protects your insurer from liability if your health card is used to commit insurance fraud. 

With the indemnity bond, you are also guaranteeing that you will return your health card to your insurer if, by any chance, it is found.

In conclusion 

If your insurer is satisfied that you have met all the requirements for issuing another health card, your provider will reissue a new one and send it to you via post or in person.

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