What Percentage Of People Fail the UK Driving Theory Test?

People want to know about the driving theory test but most of them are not aware of that. Due to the least knowledge and information. Most of the people in the world that have been applied for the driving theory test, theory test cancelation, change driving theory test, and also for another test, etc. then there want to pass their test in the first attempt. And most of them can make it possible and can get their achievement by the efforts and their interest in that and some of them can not make it possible then there will be numerous reason for that such as;

  1. There will take no interest in the driving test. There will be no spend proper time.
  2. And there will be no practice in a good way
  3. There will be not aware of the real documents that have been required.
  4. Sometimes there will be ready but suddenly some serious issue can be created by them such as headache and also some other mental or physical problems can be developed that may be caused by the theory test cancelation.
  5. Sometimes people are ready for the test but the test has been asked too difficult. They will not be able to perform their test fully so you can say that it is one of the big issues.
  6. Sometimes people has being too much nervous. They can lose their confidence whenever they can perform their test.

It does not matter what problem has occurred if you have been interested in anything then finally you can achieve it.

About The Percentage Rate:

People want to know about the percentage rate of the passed students in the several years. As you know rules and regulations have changed with time. So most of the applicants are not aware of the new rules and laws that have been offered by the government of the UK so it is one of the big issues and problems that may cause the failure. Due to this problem, there will be a number of the students had been failed every year test.

Theory Test Passed:

In general, there will be two sections of the theory test and you must pass both sections. The first section is consist of the multiple-choice question and the second section consists of the hazard perception. You will need to correct 43 answers out of 50 to pass and in hazard perception, you will need to correct answers 47 out of 75. The question that has been asked in your test consists of alertness, attitude, safety, road signs, and also much more other. There will be more than 700 questions in a flack question bank so you must have a wide range of knowledge about that. This will also be more comfortable and helpful for you to change the driving theory test. 

Successful Driving Test:

According to the calculation, about 9 out of 10 learners can pass their test in the recent year. And there will be a pass rate of the test will be 47.7% only which means that just over half of all people who sit in their theory test fail it.

Percentage Of the Passed Test Rate:

According to the calculation you can say that test the passing rate can be decreased. With time and it can be done due to less information and taking more interest. The list of the theory test has been given below:  

theory test cancelation

The Year’s Passed Rete List:

  • 2014/15 51.6%
  • 2015/16. 52.0%
  • 2016/17. 49.2%
  • 2017/18. 48.7%
  • 2018/19. 47.3%
  • 2019/20. 47.7%

In 2017 only 27% of candidates can pass their test on the first attempt out of 195 million tests were taken over.

We know that if someone has passed their test in the first attempt around with no revision at all or limited last-minute revision attempts. Without revision there will be more students has been lucky failed we don’t need to recommend this approach. So before the test make sure and possible to take the full range of practice to pass on the first attempt. During the 2018/19 financial year’s test passed rate will be only 47.3%.

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