What Number of Supporters/followers Do I Have to Get Verified on Twitter?

Twitter, among all the social giants, is the boss. Being one of the most appealing platforms is known. The authenticity TW Followers and the vastness of the innovation it has integrated itself can be justified by the fact that almost every renowned figure has an official account on Twitter.

Furthermore, governments, NGOs, organizations, institutions, and many other administrative bodies have their official page to reach out to. 

You may have seen these accounts, usually labeled with a blue checkmark, known to be the verification sign. There are many misconceptions entailed with that, and people think it is not possible to get that marks without millions of followers and likes. But this is not so. You have to consider a few things and you will definitely be able to earn that verification mark. 

  • Be authentic

To get your account verified on Twitter, you must ensure first that everything you post is authentic. Authentic accounts are more likely to be verified soon by Twitter than those with suspicious activities. Try to create your own content, to make yourself trustworthy.

If ever you want to share other people’s content, let’s say for any cause, you must mention it and the first credit must be given to the actual owner of the content. Try to avoid spam activities, and be indigenous and honest. It is the foremost tip essential to be adopted in the wake to earn twitter account verification.

  • Avoid copying others

This means if you are copying someone, not illegally, but as a fan page owner, newsfeed source, or unofficial account holder, you must not expect your account verification. These kinds of accounts usually are the secondary source to the main theme, where they fetch information from primary and original accounts and simply spread it. 

  • Do not run after more tweets

There exists a myth that those with more tweets attract more followers and thus their accounts get verified. This is not the actual case. 

You can have a large number of supporters yet at the same time stay unsubstantiated. So instead of running after tweets, try to create catchy content in order to prove your authenticity.

  • Establish healthy engagement

A dormant account on Twitter is good for nothing, as a matter of fact. It is one of the criteria to get verified on Twitter that you are continuously engaging with others.  You can connect with others by answering their remarks, adding remarks to their tweets, and referencing and loving tweets. In this way the frequency with which you are interacting with others increases. 

  • Stay active

This point has a direct connection with the one mentioned earlier.

Staying active means updating yourself with trends, replying to comments, engaging with others, and tweeting regularly.  You have to be punctual and schedule your tweets.

  • Increase your notability

Twitter usually promotes those accounts to verified levels whose notability is maximum. It means that the more your tweets are notable in others’ feeds, the more you will get closer to verification. In order to get that done, you must embed your tweets with relevant hashtags. Hashtags help your post to elevate their visibility thus making your account worth visiting. 

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