What is the CISA Certification? A Beginner’s Guide to CISA

In the present day, the rates of cybercrimes are growing each day exponentially. Therefore, cybersecurity professionals are in higher demand across countless industries in the world. These cybersecurity experts are required in almost every industry, including both small, medium, and big sized industries. If the security system of an organization is not managed properly, it might end up harming the company and its reputation. 

So, having professional cybersecurity experts can protect an industry from any dangerous attacks from unknown sources. Sometimes, when these harmful situations are not handled properly, it leads to irreparable harm caused to the company since it leads to the loss of important assets, which are extremely valuable for the growth of an industry. 

Currently, the demand for cybersecurity certifications has become essential for every individual aiming to expand their career in this field. One of the major certifications in this field is the CISA® certification. This certification proves the expertise of an individual in managing harmful situations and assist in protecting and keeping the system of an industry safe from any future cyberattacks.

CISA Certification Overview

This certification is widely known amongst the other certifications issued by the ISACA. This organization was formed back in the year 1969 solely for information system security, audit, risk, assurance, governance, and privacy experts. There are over 140,000 members of ISACA across numerous countries in the world. Since the necessity of technology jobs has grown incredibly in the recent year, it has boosted up the growth in the number of aspirants even more.

The requirement of individuals with proper cybersecurity skills, along with auditing skills, has grown rapidly in several companies. However, this certification has been launched back in the year of 1976. Although it’s not a new certification, the need for this certification has grown in recent years. As the number of cybercrimes is also rising each day, the need to keep the confidential information of a company is high as well.

Exam Cost

There are several expenses to this examination. There is an optional membership fee for ISACA available for this exam as well. This membership allows an individual to get a discount on the exam registration and other costs. There are also many other reasons behind the taking of the membership, including opportunities for networking and for career growth.

  • ISACA Membership: To take up the ISACA® membership, it is required for an applicant to pay around $135. The chapter fees are normally between $0 to $140. 
  • Exam Cost: There is a fixed cost that one must pay before giving the exam. However, the fees are normally divided depending on the ISACA® membership of an individual. For instance, the cost for CISA® standard registration fee is around $575 for the applicants with ISACA® membership and $760 for non-members. Besides, the early registration cost is around $525 for members and $710 for members. The registration cost of this exam has not gone up for several years, which is considered a good chance for individuals to pursue this certification to obtain better opportunities.
  • Additional costs: Sometimes there are some extra costs that you might have to pay. For instance, you want to cancel the exam registration, and it might cost you an extra $50 or $100 based on the timing of submission. Moreover, the individuals are also required to take up the expenses of the study resources and training courses to successfully crack the exam.
  • Certification Validation: It is possible to acquire the certification only after fulfilling the specific prerequisites available for the exam. Since it is not a permanent certification, you are required to pay a fee of $40 for members and around $65 for non-members to keep it active every year.  


Career Options for CISA Certified Individuals 

CISA is considered an incredible option for any individual wanting to acquire additional skills and to develop their career further. This certification enables individuals to enhance their earning potential and also get better career options. There are several types of career options available such as:

  • IS analyst
  • Audit manager
  • Internal auditor
  • Project manager
  • Security officer
  • Public accounting auditor
  • Privacy officer



Therefore, CISA certification is an incredible way to demonstrate your skills and proficiency in the cybersecurity field. This certification helps you to get all the essential knowledge regarding auditing and keeps you up-to-date related to the latest information. It also showcases your determination, hard work, and commitment towards your profession to the employers.


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