Using Digital Video as a Marketing Tool

Marketing has become the key determinate of success for all types of businesses. There are several ways firms market their products and services. Marketing is done through advertisement, banners, broachers, and other such tools. The use of digital video as a marketing tool has emerged recently and has become extremely popular. Read more about Blue World City. 

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is when firms produce videos that advertise their products and showcase them. These videos are usually shown on television and published on YouTube and other streaming platforms, including webinars and courses. Video marketing has proven to be very effective and more engaging. There is a common phrase that an image is worth a thousand words, and the same can be said for a video. A one-minute video can be more effective than a page-long paragraph. Below we have listed some of the benefits of digital video as a marketing tool.

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Explains your product in a better way

For a consumer to want or buy your product, it must understand what the product is and its usage. Videos have proven to be an excellent way to make the audience aware of the product and increase their understanding of it. Some people may not be able to comprehend words, but almost everyone can understand the message shown to them through a video. This form of marketing tool is especially relevant today, where almost everyone prefers watching a video over reading.

Videos have a high investment return.

The return you get on your marketing tool depends on how you have executed the video and its quality. However, on average, a video has generated a higher investment return than any other marketing tool available. According to the data collected, around 83% of people have said that using videos as a marketing tool has given them a high investment return. Videos were previously very costly to produce; however, the cost has dropped significantly with the invention of new technologies. Videos can now be made on smartphones and edited by downloading applications on your devices. All you need to make a good video is a vision and good editing skills, and you are good to go. Creating a video has proven to be cheaper than many traditional marketing tools.

It can be used in several ways.

Producers and firms get more freedom when it comes to creating videos for marketing and can create videos that match their company’s values. While there is a lot of censorship and monitoring involved in television, youtube and other social media platforms give producers streaming websites that are shorter than a traditional advertisement and hence cheaper. You can use the same video on youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms and can even run the same video on television as a commercial. These platforms also allow you to do targeted marketing, and hence your videos will only be shown to individuals that could be potential consumers. Therefore digitals videos as a marketing tool prove to be more flexible and less costly. Read more about Capital Smart City

Generate a higher amount of traffic

Videos can get more views and attract a larger audience. They are more engaging and interesting enough to keep the audience watching if produced well. Due to these factors, videos can generate a higher amount of traffic. On average, videos have helped companies increase their traffic by 51% and brand awareness by 70%. No other marketing tool has yielded such promising results; therefore, digital videos stand as one of the best marketing tools available in the market.


According to date, people these days love watching videos; according to Youtube, people spend around a billion hours watching videos every day. As a firm, you can take advantage of this fact by producing interesting and engaging digital videos that attract consumers and increases demand for your products. invest in Nova city



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