Today, video conferencing is increasingly used for various purposes. The two main reasons are probably for work meetings, as well as to attend classes. But videoconferences are also digital marketing tools, whose strength is increased tenfold, thanks to recording. In fact, the person who replays the video tape afterwards, runs a strong risk of becoming a client or a member, depending on the desired objective.

But regardless of the purpose of the videoconference, it will always be possible for the person observing or giving the conference to use the video recorderto record it on his PC, free of charge. To do this, we only have to download the software by going to the official page For students

The recording of video conferences will allow a student to be able to review the information obtained during the course, without having to take notes during the session. This greatly increases the attention span and allows you to go into more detail in subsequent listening. With a clear head, we will also think of questions that did not come up during the professor’s original presentation.

For professionals

The use of a free screen recorder during professional meetings will ensure that everything has been understood during the discussion. A director will be able to replay the tape, in order to detect the faces of his collaborators, misunderstandings, or even to realize who was paying attention. In the case of a negotiation, the two parties will certainly want to make sure of all the details of the file, by replaying the key passages of their interlocutor.

It is also in this context that the use of the screen recorder has become a marketing tool. As we explained earlier, the person recording to review the video will be most impacted by the marketing message. But it is also possible for the company giving the conference to record it in order to use it later for marketing purposes.


In recent years, conferences have also moved from the live version to the online one. Although this allows much less interaction, the fact remains that the advantage today is the possibility of recording the conference. This will allow us to come back to some important words of the speakers, or to watch the video again, simply to remember this moment, if we are the person who made the presentation.

Use special tools

When we use video capture software, we also benefit from unique tools, which allow us to create and increase marketing value. For example, it is possible to record only the sound and not the image that unfolds on the screen. This is a major advantage, because in this way we will be able to transform a video into a podcast Nothing better when you want to maximize the use of a product that you have created.

We can also capture the image from the webcam, without keeping the rest of the screen. Again, this tool will be used to export our presentation, without having to do any visual editing, to get rid of everything around it. We will then use the video, where we want it, either on Internet pages or to transfer to colleagues, students or even clients.

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