Tzvi Odzer, CEO of YBT Industries, Gives Back to His Community

New York City businessman Tzvi Odzer is a longtime supporter of Jewish businesses in the city and surrounding suburbs. As the founder and CEO of YBT Industries, he was nominated as CEO of the year by Ernst & Young. His efforts have led to a wide array of awards, including the Jewish Federation’s award for outstanding performance, the New York Stock Exchange’s award for the best business plan and more.

In addition to his role as CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Tzvi Odzer also serves as a mentor for small business owners. He started by selling janitorial supplies door-to-door. Afterward, he acquired OK uniform, an 85-year-old company that specialized in producing uniforms for many different industries. This experience helped Tzvi Odzer gain the confidence to start his own company.

The Coronavirus he’s talking about is highly contagious, and workplaces depend on people being close to each other. When Tzvi Odzer realized this, he saw a major problem affecting workplaces. He observed that this forced social distancing and even closed some businesses. Ultimately, he grew his company to be profitable. Tzvi Odzer is a multifaceted businessman, adept in many fields.

Tzvi Odzer was also involved in a program called Victory Club. Through this program, he sends speakers to hundreds of schools to speak about the benefits of living drug-free. The program works with teen Influencers on social media to reach millions of teens. Wayne Newton, a famous entrepreneur, recently endorsed this cause. He has also pledged his support to those who are struggling with drug addiction.

Despite the repercussions of the Weiner Committee’s investigation, the Federal Election Commission eventually reached a conciliation agreement with the Weiner Committee. In December 1999, Tzvi Odzer gave the Weiner Committee $1,000. That amount was the maximum allowed contribution an individual could make to a federal candidate’s campaign. Then, in May and June of 2000, Tzvi Odzer wrote three separate checks to the Weiner Committee. These checks were signed “Tzvi Odzer,” but bore the name of one of his children in the “for” line. Despite this, the Weiner Committee recorded the donations as “child” contributions.

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