Treating pulled muscles with more than just painkillers

Pulled muscles are something all of us experience at one time or another, it can happen when you are carrying out a simple manual task, bending down to something, or when you are exercising or playing an activity or sport. However the strain happens, you will need some kind of pain relief to help you through it until it has healed so you can keep going with your day-to-day life. A pulled muscle might result in just mild pain and discomfort that is annoying but something you can manage, or it might be quite debilitating and intense, or somewhere in between! Seeing a physio West Perth is one of the options you have to reduce the pain and improve mobility.

Treatment options for pulled muscles

There are several ways people can handle treating a pulled muscle. There are painkillers that you can get over the counter for mild to moderate pain, and for stronger pain, you can see your doctor. You could also see a physio North Perth for various treatment techniques including a sports massage. There are gels you can apply, hot and cold therapies and more. The type you use depends on how it is affecting you, whether you want to avoid pain killers and what your doctor is advising. Make sure you approach the treatment correctly as it might take longer to heal, or not heal properly at all.

At-home treatment options include;

  • Hot and cold treatments – Hot and cold applications are good for managing pain, reducing swelling and helping to speed up recovery. You could use a simple bag of peas or ice pack, soaking it in a hot bath, or wheat bags or biofreeze gels.
  • Natural oils – Another option a lot of people have success with is the use of natural oils. You can add them to a warm bath and then get the benefit of the warm water as well as the oil. Things like chamomile, lavender and rosemary can help the muscles relax while also helping you relax too. Being natural they are safe and less likely to cause unwanted reactions or skin irritation though care should be taken that you follow the guidance on how much oil to add.
  • Follow the advice of your physio – Another thing you can do at home is listen to the advice of your physio West Perth. They may give you suggestions on how to achieve some pain relief at home and also what exercise you can do to strengthen and regain mobility.


It is important that you let your pulled muscle properly heal before you start doing anything very strenuous or return to working out or being active. Be patient and listen to your physio, North Perth. If things do not get better, talk to them, and your doctor so that it can be properly assessed.



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