Travelling With a Baby: Packing Essentials 101

Travelling with a baby takes packing up essentials to a whole different level. As a mom, you cannot afford to miss on some of the important baby items than can cause chaos amidst the journey. While travelling with a baby is not entirely easy, it not impossible either. You just need to get it right and do it right. Before you know it, you and your family will be having the wonderful vacation that you embarked on.

While a baby’s essentials might differ from one mom to another, many of the basic important items remain to be the same. Packing for the baby and yourself simultaneously can get confusing and frustrating at times, causing you to miss out on a few things here and there. So, in order to break it down for you and make the process easier, we’ve put down a list of some of the things you simply cannot go without if you’re travelling with a little one.

Baby pram

Being able to stroll your baby around with convenience during your trips can be of huge convenience. Although many moms may even prefer a baby’s carrier or a sling, they all serve the same purpose. It also ensures that your baby remains close to you and safe at all times.

Diaper bag

Having a diaper bag or nappy bags can be extremely handy due to the many benefits that they hold. Not only are they spacious enough to hold all the essential items for your baby, but they’re also convenient and comfortable to carry around without misplacing or dropping them.

Baby Pacifier

Baby’s often found sucking onto a pacifier soothing and calming. It helps them fall asleep during restless moments. Giving them a pacifier is a smart way to also keep them distracted. However, it is best not to let them make a habit of it too often.

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Feeding bottles

While you’re in the middle of your journey, prepping a few feeding bottles can help you feed the baby with ease. Often in the middle of travelling, it is hard to breastfeed babies. Don’t forget to carry along the breast pump equipment alongside the sterilizing ones to keep it clean at all times.

Baby wipes

When it comes to baby wipes, always opt for antibacterial ones with not so harsh scents as your baby’s skin is sensitive and needs proper care. Having baby’s wipes allows you to clean the baby up without any major inconvenience. It also allows you to clean any mess made such as burping milk, spills in the diaper bag, etc.

Their favourite toy

Another way to keep them distracted in times of their restlessness is by giving them their favourite toy or an object that they find themselves familiar with. Babies have no way of expressing what they need and if travelling is new to them, it is our duty to ensure they remain comfortable.

A few other things you will need to have in hand are baby blankets and of course, a set of clothes.

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