The major city of China located in the province of Guangdong, Shenzhen has more than 10 million inhabitants. To visit Shenzhen is to discover an incredible Chinese megalopolis between tradition and modernity in the south of the country at the gates of Hong Kong.

The fastest-growing city with an advanced economy. Shenzhen is also a treasure box for travellers that is filled with many hidden gems. Undoubtedly, the best place to go for an upcoming vacation. If you are looking to go there with your family or friends. Without any doubt, start planning, visit the all nippon airways official website and get your flight tickets online hassle-free. Also, save up to 45% off on round trips on every flight. To help you out, here, we have listed some of the best things to do in Shenzhen, China.

Visit Kingkey 100

Do you want to see the excess of this Chinese city? Meet at Kingkey 100, a building inaugurated in 2011 with 100 floors. The top floor is 427 m high and hosts an observatory. You can access this floor and have a drink, to do in the evening when the city lights come on to visit Shenzhen from another angle. Do you still want to go shopping in Shenzhen? Be aware that the Kingkey 100 is home to the KK Mall, a large shopping centre.

Dongmen Shenzhen

Let’s start this tour of Shenzhen with a shopping area located on the side of Dongmen Pedestrian Street. If you want to go shopping in Shenzhen, this place is perfectly indicated since there is a wide variety of shops, from small shops to large stores. Are you a shoe fan? Go to Shoes City, a building dedicated to these accessories. Another building is dedicated to video games and other comics. Your shopping spree will certainly take you all day. 

Mount Wutong

What to see in Shenzhen? It is to the east of the city that Mount Wutong is located, a national and forest park that culminates at 944 m. If you want to climb this mountain, go to Dawang or Heung Yuen Wai. Starting from Dawang, you can take a steep path or climb steps along a stream, it’s up to you to see which type of hike appeals to you the most.

OCT East

Overseas Chinese Town East is a must-visit resort if you are looking for what to do in Shenzhen China. Leisure parks, a golf course, magnificent natural spaces, beaches, an artificial waterfall, or restaurants, nothing is missing to spend a day at OCT East. This tourist resort extends over 9 km² and was inaugurated in 2007. Cable cars and funiculars allow you to observe a very beautiful view of the environment of this complex where you can put your suitcases, many hotels welcome you there.

The Shenzhen Museum

What to visit in Shenzhen? We suggest this time the new city history museum which, after 10 years of work, reopened its doors in 2008. This 32,000 m² park on 3 levels is located in the Parc des Litchis and allows you to admire exceptional pieces, from bronzes to propaganda posters that have marked Chinese history, including fossils. Here you will travel through 6,000 years of history.

The Splendid China Folk Village

Visiting Shenzhen also means discovering China in a fun way. This time, head to the Splendid China Folk Village, a theme park that showcases Chinese culture and local customs. This landscaped park spread over 30 hectares presents you with models of Chinese tourist sites such as the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden City. 24 ethnic Chinese villages have also been reconstituted.

The He Xiangning Art Museum

Still, looking for things to do in Shenzhen? Head to the He Xiangning Art Museum, the country’s first art museum named after a famous person, in this case, a revolutionary who is also a painter and poet. He Xiangning was also a recognized feminist who fought for women’s rights, so this museum puts a special emphasis on women’s art. There are works by this artist, but also by other Chinese and foreign artists.

Lianhuashan Park, a breathtaking view

Another quite incredible place, Lianhuashan Park offers a break and a green setting in the middle of the city. A superb park that is dominated by the surrounding skyscrapers. A must-see place that must be visited. The visit to the park begins at the bottom of the park, we leave from the side of the Civic Center to gradually climb the hill and discover the statue of former Chinese president Deng Xiaoping and a breathtaking view of the city and the district of Shenzhen case.

Last Words

In the end, we hope the above-mentioned list of things to do in Shenzhen, China will surely soak you in the true essence of China. So, what are you thinking about? Start planning a trip to Hong Kong with AirlinesMap and check out these customizable options to make your visit budget-friendly. Wish you good luck to enjoy your trip the most. Bon Voyage..!

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