If you love realistic life in your Sims, you should try one of the many real-world mods available for Sims 4. These include the Slice of Life mod, the Explore and Monthly cycle highlight mods, and a lot more! We’ve rounded up some of the best ones below. You can also download and install these for free from the official website. But before you download them, be sure to read our review of these mods first.

Slice of Life by KawaiiStacie

The Slice of Life mod is a free download. You can choose to download the base version or download individual modules. The new update for this mod came out on 03/08/2021. You can now download the full game, or just the missing modules, to play. Once you’ve downloaded the base version, you’re ready to play the mod! After downloading the mod, you’ll find out how to get it on the game’s website.

This mod adds realistic features to the game, including drunken animations and Moodlets. There are also plenty of buffs and animations for your Sim to enjoy. You can use the new system to add a nostalgic aspect to the game. The Memory System is a great way to relive the past, and this new feature is an amazing addition to any game! But it doesn’t stop there. It also includes the ability to see the Sim’s measurements and body type.

Have some personality please

One of the best Sims 4 mods out there is Have some personality please!, which adds real-life-like interactions to your sims. Instead of allowing your sims to just idle around, they can interact more meaningfully with their neighbors. You can even choose which Myer-Briggs personality type they are! No longer will your Sims be a boring, uninterested person who doesn’t even have a personality.

Have some personality please for Top Sims 4: This mod makes your sims more unique and fun to play. Unlike the default ones, the mod allows your sims to decide what they want to say and do. No more idle chatting! Instead, your sims will naturally choose their interactions with others. You can now choose what type of interaction they want to have with others, or leave them alone!

Monthly cycle highlight

A month-by-month cycle is something that most women are familiar with in real life, and this mod lets you experience it too! Pregnancy is an important part of a Sim’s life, from having people touch her belly to revealing big news when she gets her period. However, you can’t get an ultrasound at the doctor’s office or print out an ultrasound scan in your game. To solve this issue, download the Cycle highlight mod.

The Simlish mod allows you to use several languages in your Sims game world. You can now speak several languages, including Selvadoradian, Windernburgish, Toki Sulani, and Sixami. You can also create Sims with multiple languages, and they can even learn more than one! These are just a few of the amazing features this mod offers. The list of other mods is endless, so you should definitely check out the monthly cycle highlights for the month of June.

Explore mod by KawaiiStacie

If you’re sick of having to play the same house over, the Explore mod will make your sims more adventurous! By leaving the house and exploring the world around you, your sim will acquire new skills and relationships. With Explore, your sim can shop for clothes and accessories, gamble for money, get their nails done, and even buy takeout ice cream. You don’t even have to use your keyboard anymore!

The Explore mod by KawaiiStatice offers many improvements to the original Sims 4. It adds new locations that will give your sims new skills and abilities, and it also allows them to use their gambling trait! It’s a free download that adds tons of new activities to the game! It works with the base game, but some features require additional packs. This is not necessary, though.

Pregnancy overhaul mod by KawaiiStacie

This mod will change the game systems so that your sims can grow older and become elder. This mod will allow your sims to celebrate their birthdays while they are pregnant and also help them reach elder status in the game. The vanilla game will notify your sims of pregnancy very early, but the discover pregnancy mod does not. This mod makes the pregnancy notification happen much later, so the sims will be able to have more than one child without any difficulty.

This mod will also change the way your female sim looks and walks while pregnant. It does so by changing the size of your belly and the object_sim file. It may cause some conflict with other mods. If you’ve installed another mod that alters the same file, your sim will not work correctly. Some animations, such as “Feel Baby”, won’t work without a Belly. It may also change your sims’ chance of death by one or more percent.

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