Top app development tips in Android app development using Kotlin

The Android platform has a large share of customers and devices in the mobile phones and apps market. In fact, Android app development is part of a large and lucrative mobile app development industry. Not only does Android cover a big share of the mobile app industry but so do Android devices, thanks to their affordability.

Hence the reason why Android apps have a higher demand as compared to iOS apps.

The scope of Android app development

This is why Android app development has a large scope for client satisfaction and user recognition. A lot of app development companies are taking in Android app development for creating top-class products for their target audience.

App development companies are using the latest technology stack and tools so they can cater to client and user preferences in the best possible manner. The technical stack used by the developers consists of different frameworks, tools and of course, programming languages.

App development tips in Kotlin – why is it a much better option than Java?

Kotlin is a new-age programming language in the Android universe. It is also ranked among the best cross-platform frameworks around the world. Not only that, it provides an Android app development solution based on both Native Android and Cross-Platform models.

Kotlin is also like a framework. It provides revolutionary features that developers will find interesting, in creating unique products for an audience that is both tech-savvy, modern, and energetic. Though only 2 percent of developers around the globe use it, Koitlin’s style and features are unique. This thus raises user interest by quite a margin.

Apart from advantages, developing android apps using Kotlin also has its drawbacks too. Yet, let us now explore the key advantages Kotlin brings to Android app development and why app development companies should go for it.

Initiating a new project

To make use of Kotlin, developers are advised to start a new-app project and this time, they should use Kotlin. It is easy to get started with this framework. Instead of working on something that was already built, creating a project from ground zero is easy to carry out in Kotlin. 

It will help developers obtain other Kitlin projects in the future. Hence, developers must understand the role app development framework plays in regulating both existing and future projects.

Applying relaxed loading on specific app pages

Applying relaxed loading is commonly referred to as applying lazy loading. It is perceived negatively in terms of a mobile app’s performance. Yet it is sometimes important for retaining users on specific pages. 

The question is which web pages or app pages require such loading. Users often prefer certain products and services to be available on an app, and even desire a detailed overview of them. Moreover, they even wait for a particular time to observe a worthwhile image and specifications of such kinds of products/services.

Hence, the app development company making the Android app should not just work with Kotlin but also add such a screen in this context.

Utilizing Lambdas

Lambdas is a cross-platform app development function that helps in reducing the lines of the coding present in the backend database. It helps make the development process easy and streamlined for coders and developers alike. Moreover, they can also utilize other features and libraries to optimize app functionality on a timely basis.

Moreover, an Android app development solution offered by any mobile app development company should help save time, and create less complexity for developers and app users alike.

Code conversion into Kotlin

It should be kept in mind that Kotlin is not just a framework. It is a unique programming language too. Before any developer starts a project, they must learn it to make sure they make a worthwhile app.

When any company approaches an app development firm, they must make sure that the Android app development team there has knowledge about Kotlin and are fluent in its development. If they are working to improve an app that has its original coding done in Java, they must convert that code into Kotlin for further improvements and development.

Utilizing Custom-defined Getters

The custom-defined getters and setters are utilized to improve an app’s accessibility. Developers and designers can improve the app’s UX for raising user engagement. This not only helps developers modify codes easily but also helps raise user engagement on the mobile app (hire app developer).

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