Top Activities to Enjoy On Desert Safari Dubai

A vast landscape of sand, the blazing sun, and an abandoned area to great extent. All these are the names that come to our mind when we hear about deserts so. Sometimes the craving for exploration is held back to a later time. But there is an abundance of activities to do in a desert. The barren area can be a playing area with surrounding beauty because

The Beauty Lies In the Eyes of the Beholder

If you have an essential feeling of attraction to abstraction and exploration; the name of desert safari Dubai is the highest. It is a blend of thrill and relief. Undoubtedly, it has retracted everything in it. However, in spite of being undomesticated, the Desert Safari Dubai has its own significant importance.

Top Activities to Enjoy On Desert Safari Dubai

The adventure lovers find this place a recreational point for the accomplishment of their thrill. The best time is from November to March to go to Desert Safari when the weather is amiable. The visitors discover a lot of activities to do and enjoy on Safari Desert Dubai. Some of these activities are unfolded here.

Catch the Beauty of Morning & Evening Desert Safari

The awakening of the sun with its full vigor from the ocean of sand is mind-blowing. Likewise, the experience to watch the sinking of the sun in the massive dunes of sand is dramatic. Here the feelings of elation go beyond the limits to narrate.

Sand Dune Bashing

With the break of dawn, the time starts to get into Land Cruiser, 4×4 wheels Jeep, Range Rover, or an SUV with experienced drivers. The adrenaline lovers derive a unique sort of pleasure from this activity of going up and down the vast dunes. Watching the Raising clouds of sand outside the vehicle is invigorating.

Sand Skiing

If you have not been ever to Safari Desert and you get a chance for this. Then Sand Surfing is the must-do activity. Standing on a board with feet tied to it and sailing in the huge sea of sand gives the feeling of excellence.

Quad Bike Ride

Bashing the sand dunes riding on a quad bike is magnanimously fabulous. It is the perfect activity of enjoyment on desert safari for the thrilling bikers.

Flying in Parachute

The picturesque imagery of sunrise and sunset is perfectly captured while soaring high in a hot air balloon. Feeling the gusts of wind kissing your face and leaving the effects of relaxation is very romantic.

Camel Riding

As camels are known as the ship of the desert. So board on this ship for the journey of peace and silence. This activity is a major soothing source for your senses. Moreover, the experience to explore the back ages of ancient culture and tradition while camels continue their rides very calmly.

Ride a Buggy to Enjoy your Adventure

If you love to drive a buggy by yourself. Don’t wait and go ahead for the fulfillment of your dream. This activity gives you a full-fledge exceptional experience.

Explore Hatta Heritage Village

Age of stones can be witnessed here. Hatta Heritage is a reinstated village where you can explore houses made of stones and clay. Drive to this village with 4×4 wheels is additional to your hilarious adventure.

Night at the Desert Camp

Tired of all the exuberant activities there is a need for ease and leisure. For this, spending the whole night under an open canopy with glittering stars is at its peak. This scene must be seized by your camera. This compassion for spending the night in a camp is un comparing. You can enjoy your sleep in the camp with other activities like B.B.Q dinner, bone fire, Henna tattoos, the Tenura and belly dance show, and Hookah smoking. There is nothing ahead for your entertainment than spending night with your loved ones lying under the sky watching the stars.

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