Top 5 Industrial Chiller Manufacturers

Industrial chiller manufacturers are focusing on energy-efficient equipment and energy-efficient systems to drive the global industrial chillers market. Successful vendors focus on the following four key factors: customer service, pricing optimization, inventory management, and distribution optimization.

According to Anju Ajaykumar, a lead analyst at Technavio, these four factors will determine the market’s future growth. In addition, new technologies are being developed to make industrial chillers more efficient.

S&A Chiller

S&A Chiller was founded in 2002 with 20 years of chiller manufacturing experience, and now is recognized as a cooling technology pioneer and reliable partner in laser industry. S&A Chillers is a veteran-owned custom manufacturer that produces chilled water systems for electronic and directed energy applications. Their units can be equipped with programmable logic boards.

This Company. also manufactures chillers, and their units operate on ordinary single-phase voltage with no water plumbing required. Their specifications include an accuracy of +/ 1/2 degree C, a temperature range of -40 to 35 degrees C, and a wide operating temperature range.

OEM (original equipment manufacturing) chiller manufacturing is a service that allows clients to customize their products. They can have custom-made chillers for specific uses, which can reduce the overall cost of the system. Also provide after-application service to assist their clients.

These companies are known for providing quality products and services, which ensure a good return on investment. You can read more about the advantages of OEM manufacturing by reading our reports.

Sigma Equipment Corp

SIGMA Corporation manufactures commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. Their Mississauga, Ontario, facility is designed to maximize flexibility and quality in manufacturing.

IMI Flow Design is a recognized leader in the development of automatic balancing valves and constant flow regulators. They have multiple patents, which allow for customized and high-quality manufacturing.

Applied Companies is a veteran-owned custom manufacturer. They manufacture chillers for electronic/digital applications and directed energy systems.

Also manufacture units with programmable logic boards. Sigma Equipment Corp manufactures industrial chillers that operate on ordinary single-phase voltage and don’t require water plumbing. Their units feature accuracy of +/ 1/2 degree C and a range of -40 to 35 degrees C.


Whether you’re upgrading an existing air conditioning system, installing a new one, or looking for ways to save energy, Danfoss offers innovative and efficient solutions for your needs.

Their extensive line of electronic controls and sensors provides the ability to optimize the operation of your chiller system. These systems monitor the temperature, operating pressure, and more, and control fans, pumps, valves, and compressors. They put control in your hands. Their EKE superheat controller features temperature sensors to monitor and adjust the system to fit your needs.


The Envisys Industrial Chiller manufacturers have gained recognition and credibility in the industry. These industrial water chillers are available for different applications, and their high-grade quality and finish make them highly sought-after in various industries.

These manufacturers have customized their products to cater to the needs of their diverse clients. Their expertise in the field of industrial chillers and thermal solutions ensures the high-quality of their products. In addition, they offer after-sales services and technical consultations for all types of environmental test chambers.

These chambers provide the ultimate cooling capacity for various applications. There are many applications in the industry that rely on the cooling capabilities, so it is imperative that industrial chillers perform properly. For this reason, these products are essential for every industry.

Carrier Corporation

If you’re in the market for an industrial chiller, Carrier Corporation is the company to talk to. With over 38 subsidiaries located throughout the world, Carrier provides a wide range of products for your commercial or industrial space.

Its energy process equipment, solid waste handling, potentiometers, large electric motors, chemical specialty products for industry, and finance services all have global presences.

Many of its chillers feature variable frequency drives and advanced PIC5+ intelligent controls. These features enhance Carrier’s growing line of smart connected chillers, and are available as part of its Carrier SMART Service.

This service includes remote diagnostics, long-term performance trending, decision analytics, and advanced notifications for equipment health. It technology improves equipment reliability and reduces energy costs while helping a company save resources.

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