Top 10 Aesthetic And Charming Anime Girls With Guns 2022

There’s cipher more effective than watching these girls run a rampage on their enemies. Don’t you just appreciate it when they fight back against all odds and quietly manage to come out on top?

You must be eager to see further about these young heroines. And, because of that, this post contains everything you need to know about the elegant anime girls with guns.

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1 Revy – Black Lagoon Anime Girls With Guns

Anime Girls With Guns

Still, Revy would be the best of best representation, If a gun had an expression and a human body.

Not only is she murderous, but she’s likewise ill-mannered, and heartless, and her competitiveness far exceeds human morals.

Despite her behavior, you would be making a misjudgment if you thought she was anything but the topmost soldier your army could ever have.

Capable of erasing enemy squads in the flicker of an eye, Revy skyrocketed Lagoon’s repute all by herself. What makes Revy smart is that she doesn’t solely calculate the military. This is proven by her classic hand-to-hand combat expertise. Although she rolls a couple of berettas, her arsenal also consists of grenade launchers, aquatic rifles, and other massive-duty weapons.

2 Canaan – Anime Girls With Guns

Anime Girls With Guns

After the doom of her poor village thanks to the war in the Middle East, Canaan retained nowhere to go as she was the only survivor when the land had settled.

Feeling contriteness, Siam raised the innocent young girl each by himself and nominated her Canaan. In addition to taking care of her, he delivered lots of training to make clear that she can defend herself.

Although she grew in energy, she was unskillful to prevent Siam from dying as her instructor’s greatest student tried to assassinate the two of them.

Canaan also wished for nothing but to retaliate against her fallen rescuer.

3 Bisca Connell –Anime Girls With Guns

Bisca Connell Gun

Making her come from the West is none different than Bisca from Fairy Tail.

You might suppose Bisca has a sharp character as she’s a stranger, but that couldn’t be beyond the truth.

To defend her mates Bisca will budge heaven and earth in one night. That should demonstrate how devoted and loyal she is.

Still, she would’ve nothing have managed to run off the unaesthetic grips of beggary If it wasn’t for her courage and strength. Originally, Bisca believed she was superman. No opponent was as fearful as this young 18 yr old.

But, after a loss to Erza, she rapidly developed a humble, heart-warming behavior.

4 Seras Victoria – Hellsing

Anime Girls With Guns

Seras was predestined to become a hellaciously strong woman after her parents were harshly murdered in front of her eyes.

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Enraged by the assassins, the little 5 year old shattered open the cupboard door and charged the attacker to shove a fork, deep inside his eyehole.

That was the birth of her journey to come to a renowned police officer. Just before the unavoidable, Alucard permanently converted Seras into a shark and granted her eternity as a result.

Now she’s no longer the golden, blue-eyed angel that she formerly was. Rather, her eyes turned red and her hair looked silver-colored.

5 Riza  Hawkeye – Fullmetal Alchemist

Riza Hawkeye holding a handgun


As her name suggests, Riza Hawkeye held enough gift to come to the particular sentry of one of the most dominant druggies of witchcraft – Colonel Roy Mustang.

Despite her sour chops in witchcraft, her sense of vision raised more and more immense as she fought in the Ishval war.

People soon commenced calling her the hawk’s eye’.

6 Sinon – Sword Art Online

Anime Girls With Guns

With Sinon’s capability to remain calm and calculating in battle, there’s no enemy she can’t gun down. Although her normal appearance is relatively ordinary, she looks stunning when dressed up to play Gun Gale Online.

Her glowing white hair combined with her candescent blue eyes give her the appearance of a snow demoiselle.

Nonetheless, calling her a demoiselle would be relatively comical. Especially after witnessing Sinon’s immense gift to produce shots out of thin air.

These data alone would make her an astral teammate but on top of that, she has a strong sense of compassion and kindness which would make anyone glad to have Sinon on their side.

7 Mireille Bouquet – Noir

Mireille Bouquet - Noir

The life of homicide isn’t easy, but you could noway tell formerly you respect how angelic Mireille looks when she smiles.

Before she came to the monster her moment, Mireille had to experience all kinds of tragedies and was put on numerous trials.

The pain was so violent that her softhearted personality changed into a more ruthless, cunning, and cruel commodity.

Unexpectedly, she occasionally conceals the facade and shows signs of being the do-gooder she formerly was.

8 Triela, Gunslinger Girl

Anime Girls With Guns

Next over on our list of anime girls with guns ordnance is Triela whose humanness nearly makes people forget the fact that she’s a cyborg.

Triela’s backstory is that she was formerly abducted and also constantly tortured to produce a nasty film.

Fortunately, she was saved by a French croaker who gave up her life just to deliver this poor soul.

Despite Triela’s worried recollections, she has a veritably auspicious outlook on life as instanced by her mentoring a group of girls back at her new home.

9 Angelica – Anime Girl With Gun

Angelica holding a sniper rifle

Maybe the most depressing of backstories is that of Angelica’s.

This lovable youthful girl was nearly assassinated by a gangster hired by her father.

Why would he commit such a vicious crime?

Luckily, Angelica was delivered but to say she was happy might’ve been a mistake.

To save Angelica, she was permanently proselytized into a cyborg.

And, not just any cyborg, she was the first cyborg to ever live. That’s how she came to be an anime girl with guns.

10 Najica Hiiragi –  Najica Blitz Tactics

Najica Hiiragi holding a rifle

Najica is presumably the most stylish anime girl with guns to have a point on this list.

Intimately, Angelica is a special agent whose superb knowledge of chemistry allows her to catch tons of culprits.

Indeed though her moxie in arms could score her a splendid quantum of kills, still since she uses non-fatal pellets, her adversaries avoid fatal injuries.

Najica can be generally seen carrying a dynamo but occasionally her wild side persuades her into using a huge rifle named AK-47.

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