Gandikota has a lot to offer if you are looking for a place to visit, history in the fort ruins and beyond, exploration, adventure, nature and more! Here is some information on where to stay and some of the things you might want to get up to on your visit when you get there.

Where to stay if you want to be close by

There are two options for staying in Gandikota.

1) In Gandi Kota is the APTDC Complex is a sprawling place to stay with about 10 acres that includes a dormitory, 12 cottages, parking, a dining hall, and a play area. The rooms are air-conditioned and it has all the facilities you would want for a comfortable stay. You cannot book a room or cottage online so if you want to find out more or just make a booking give them a call.

2) Another option is to camp! Sleep under the stars and enjoy the sound of the water by camping next to the Pennar river. Along with offering the option of camping, Freakouts Adventure also offers a range of adventure opportunities such as kayaking on that river, rappelling, trekking and rock climbing.

Amazing things to do

Enjoy the fascinating Belum Caves РAs well as the canyon being a version of the Grand Canyon to explore there are also the Belum Caves, India’s version of the famous Antelope Canyons in Arizona! The Belum Caves in Gandikota are the second biggest cave system in India and are very significant in terms of geology, architecture and archeology. If you are interested in cave formations, love to explore, have an adventure and want to learn more, head to the Belum Caves.

Admire the Rayalacheruvu Lake – Alongside the famous fort, there is a magnificent body of water called the Rayalacheruvu Lake. It is believed that the lake was created by emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya by directing water from the Pennar River. Sitting on the edge of the lake and you can admire and take in the water, nature and tranquillity. Explore the migratory and native birds that visit. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset over the water with the Erramala hills as your backdrop. Take some amazing photos of your time there.

Explore ancient temples – The Gandi Kota fort is not the only ruin you can explore and learn about. There are remnants of two what were once amazing temples, the Raghunathaswamy temple and the Madhavaraya temple. Join a tour to learn more about them. The Raghunathaswamy temple was made from red granite and is now a place of corridors, pillars and hallways. There is a lot of mystery to this temple as there is no clear God or Goddess that was worshipped there. The Madhavaraya temple is a place of a lot of art and carvings and sculptures dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddesses and is a great way to get an idea of life in those times through the architecture and art preserved on its walls.


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