These’re 7 latest trends that must be followed for auto bottom tray success

The best method to increase the value of your gift products is to use high-quality cartons. The auto bottom tray is distinctive. It is due to its chic and modern designs. This automatic tray is available in many shapes. For example, square, cubic, pentagonal, heart-shaped, and sleeve packs. It has additional unique designs as well. The use of several printing techniques makes these boxes appealing. They are modifiable to fit the situation. Their content, illustrations, and other visual elements pique the interest of their target audience. For them to be eye-catching, elements like coatings, windows, or others are crucial. They can also have handles that are customizable.

Auto bottom tray boxes have become the latest trend and packaging priority for companies. This is because these boxes offer higher strength and better handling. Having this packaging at your side will ensure customers’ orders are processed quickly. Another area where these automatic bottom boxes are unbeatable is in the advertisement. You need not spend thousands or millions on advertising when you can use our delicate. Most mega markets place these boxes on the main shelves with an automatic bottom tray, in shelves. So, customers always have an overview. Here are the latest seven trends for cardboard auto bottom tray success: 

Auto bottom tray boxes packaging with display lid

Custom auto bottom tray boxes are made from separate pieces of high-quality rigid cardboard. They are then glued to the cardboard pieces to join each other. Our state-of-the-art machinery produces these custom packaging with utmost precision and accuracy. Our quality assurance teams use their close supervision to ensure high quality. The separate pieces are trays. Then these containers are used to seal the product by interlocking them. A glossy or laminated film covers them. It is to ensure that the product (to be enclosed inside) is safe from any dirt or dust. Our experts then glue these cardboard boxes together with glue.

Bold gradient:

Bold gradients create eye-catching effects by mixing different combinations. Such transitions also look great in both digital and physical forms. Especially when they are printed on custom packaging boxes. This design will be a big trend in the next years with a new dimension of diversity across markets. With a bold and light gradient shining from the shelves, such designs are successful.

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When it comes to eye-catching custom packaging designs, minimalism is going well. Successful brands focus on simplicity, fonts, textures, and printed messages. They always show an honest element of their brand identity. They influence their customers by keeping minimalism a crucial feature. Combined simple shades, colours, and a blonde gradient in a distinct way. That guarantees that the product will stand out on retail shelves and attract maximum customers.

Black and white:

Another rising trend in the packaging industry is a colour palette with only two elements: black and white. These two colours can create a beautiful dialogue with a unique packaging design. These can help you create deep illustrations and complex shades in your packaging designs.

Simplification is one of the biggest influencers of packaging design trends in 2020. The combination of black and white can influence how customers feel when it comes to presenting a product in a crowd or any mall. We can use them successfully when launching a new product for the first time.

Vintage touch:

The old trend is among the biggest inspirations in the world of packaging. It has evolved over time with the use of new materials, technologies, and printing solutions. Therefore, manufacturers like to work on old packaging designs to fascinate customers. It stimulates the memories of past generations and arouses interest in understanding the past in the younger generation. What makes a vintage design successful is its ability to balance itself with the latest aesthetic trends. Therefore, such design is a great inspiration for alcoholic beverages, specialities, fashion, and handmade product packaging. In addition, the vintage effect gives your package an adorable look that will appeal to a large audience.

Texture and Laser Pack:

Texturing and laser cutting are among the latest inspiring trends in custom packaging. So, laser cutting makes it easy to create complex patterns with exciting cut-outs and a 3D layering effect. You can do this on a variety of materials such as cardboard, wood, and balsa. Such packaging is easy to adapt and strong enough to withstand rough shipping. In addition, 3D box printing and laser printing are becoming popular because you can make them from recycled material. So, texturing creates a sense of anticipation and gives customers an idea of what is inside the box.

Genius cut-outs:

Introducing creative cutting is one of the people’s favourite trends this year. Sometimes the content in traditional packaging may not be visible. Modern designers have thus experimented with innovative ideas to reveal what is inside. Creative cutting is linked to the design of the box. So, you can make it by creating identifiable shapes on the packaging.

Elegantly displayed products are always the key to attracting customers. Besides, they are helpful in achieving potential profits and sales. So, this is the main concern of every kind of manufacturer. Boxes with an auto bottom tray packaging are distinctive. They display your goods in an efficient and eye-catching way. Besides, they feature an open top that makes it easy to select the desired item. Many retailers are benefiting from these automatic tray boxes. As they could capture the attention of customers. It is due to their elegant appearance and eye-catching display of items.

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