The Right Time to Switch the Dedicated Servers UAE

Many businesses choose a Shared Hosting to host the website. This hosting is best for small-scale business, which receives a limited amount of traffic. Several websites are hosted on a single server in Shared hosting.

Shared hosting solutions can be secure and reliable, and they are often less expensive than dedicated hosting.

However, some businesses require more security, more power, greater customizability, and total control over the server. It is all possible with a Dedicated Servers UAE. Currently, if your website is hosted on a Shared server or VPS Server but you might think of switching to UAE Dedicated Server, keep a lookout for the indicators pointed in this article. Each of them may indicate the need for a Dedicated Servers UAE web hosting solution.

Consider a Dedicated Server in UAE When Your Site Receives Over 1,000 Unique Visitors Daily 

Those websites that receive 100 visitors on a daily basis A shared hosting is best at this time. At this time a shared server can easily load the pages. When 100 visitors are converted into 1000 it is harder for a shared server to handle 1000 Visitors. 

Shared server resources are divided into many websites. Websites with a large amount of traffic will require more resources than can be provided by a shared server.

If you note down that your website exceeds 1000 visitors on a daily basis then switch an existing server to a Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE. In general, websites should be able to handle an increase in traffic volume of 30 times their regular volume.  This allows them to handle influxes of traffic during sales, holidays, or seasonally. If you would receive over 1,000 unique visitors per day with a 300% increase in website traffic, you might want to consider the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE.

Also if you are facing a problem regardless of traffic then you move through a Dedicated Servers UAE.

Consider a Dedicated Servers UAE if you Anticipate Rapid Growth

In the near future, if you anticipate growth in the business then you might need to switch the existing server and move through Dedicated hosting. You will have waited too long to move to a dedicated server if you wait until your website size and traffic numbers are causing problems.

Then, you will already be experiencing issues that prevent your visitors from having an optimal website experience. This means you will lose your profit and customer both. 

Move Through a Dedicated Server in UAE When You find a Problem With the Loading Speed of the Website

In case your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, it means you need Dedicated server hosting. If you do not switch your exciting server then the bounce rate increases and your websites get a negative experience from the users. 

 Also, the slow loading speed of the websites also affects your SEO also. The main target of  SEO is to appear higher in search engine results. In the SEO Ranking loading Speed of the website plays an important role. So if you want to rank higher in the search engine results pages then make sure your websites load the pages within a few seconds. 

There are many factors that will depend on the loading speed of the website such as many images that are too large which will affect your loading speed. 

A Best Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE improves your website loading time, also this server gives complete access to the resources. When resources are not shared with another, your websites load the pages within a few seconds and this will lead to a better website experience and happier customers. For more technology news, stay with:

Consider Dedicated Servers UAE if Your Storage Is Limited

In the shared web hosting websites get a limited amount of storage because storage is shared between many websites.  For small business websites, there is sufficient that a shared server gives. 

After a time you add the pages and content to your website. Also add some features like extensive blogs, videos, web forums, etc this will require more storage. So at this time, you move through the Dedicated Servers UAE. 

From Hostbillo Hosting Solution Buy a Cheap Dedicated Server 

From Hostbillo Hosting Solution Buy a Cheap Dedicated Server

Hostbillo Hosting Solution is a reputable and trusted Web Hosting Provider in UAE. For the past 10 years that provide web hosting services. They always give the best results to their customers. The first of Hostbillo’s is to give satisfactory results to the clients. If any customer faces a problem with its services Hostbillo’s highly responsive team is always ready to solve the problem. 

Also if you want to gather more information about the Dedicated Server Hosting plans then you can easily touch Hostbillo’s team. They give all the information regarding the plans and packages.

Hostbillo gives many benefits with its Dedicated server Hosting in UAE plans such as:- 

  • 24*7 Instant Technical Support 
  • Server Secure Advanced Security
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • DDOS protection 
  • Extendable SSDs and RAM
  • Zero Downtime FREE Migration
  • 99.90% Uptime Guarantee
  • SSH Root Access
  • Data Centre Choice
  • No setup Cost 
  • Robust Bandwidth


I hope after reading out the article you get an idea of When to Move From Exciting Servers to Dedicated Servers UAE. In short once again I give some indicators when your websites require a UAE Dedicated Server. The following are the indicators:- 

  1. If your website continually receives a lot of new visitors 
  2. Your exciting server can’t fulfill the website requirements
  3. You anticipate that in near future your websites grow
  4. If you more concerned about the security
  5. Your websites need a more storage space
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