The Buzz was an entertainment news magazine that ran nationally. It was hosted by Ren Lapus and produced by MadBrad. The show aimed to give urban communities nationwide access to the hottest entertainment news. Read on to learn more about The Buzz and what it does for audiences. The show’s mission is to help bring entertainment to the urban communities of America, and the Buzz focuses on artistic presentations. In addition to giving viewers the latest entertainment news, The Buzz also features interviews and reviews of new and popular shows.

The Buzz was a weekly magazine for entertainment news

In 1992, The Buzz was launched as part of the Time Warner/Warner Bros. merger. It was launched a month after the merger was announced, and it was tasked with convincing stockholders, industry watchers, and the world that the merger was a genius move. After the merger, EW’s editor-in-chief defended the journalistic integrity of EW while countering with a veiled threat.

It was produced by MadBrad

Urban Entertainment Buzz was a half-hour news magazine that featured today’s hottest talent. It aired on national television, reaching over 18 million households in the United States. MadBrad directed and produced the episodes. The trade report provides market analysis, information on trade partners, ports statistics, contact details, and more. MadBrad has completed 2 transactions so far. The following is a summary of the most recent trade activities by MadBrad s.a.

It was voice-over by Roxie Liquigan

It was not until Maymay Entrata walked out of the yellow house that the media began to pay attention. Roxy Liquigan, the head of Star Music and unit executive of ABS-CBN, shared a photo of the former reality show contestant on Twitter. The tweet referred to Entrata as the “Wacky-go-lucky” of Cagayan de Oro. Liquigan also stated that she “loved” Maymay, and that she was “very proud of her talent.”

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