Urologist is a doctor who specializes in the conditions that impact the urinary system, which is composite of ureter, urethra, kidneys, and the bladder. There are multiple problems can present in any of these organs, at times, all at once as well.  

In men, urologists also deal with the problems pertaining to the reproductive health, since the urinary system is closely tied to it. 

Urologist in Islamabad also deal with the issues of the adrenal gland as well. 

There are various reasons that you might need to visit this expert. Signs that a visit is due to the urologist include:

Changes in the testicles 

If you observe any changes in the testicles, like presence of a lump, or there being pain in the testes, then you must seek consult a doctor about it as well. 

The lumps may be harmless, or it may be cancer. Hence, don’t make light of the situation. 

Enlarged prostate 

Prostate gland is part of the male reproductive tract and helps in the production of secretions. It is located in the vicinity of the bladder. However, there can present problems in the prostate, due to which it increases in size. 

When the prostate becomes enlarged, it then presses on the bladder then, causing issues with it as well. Symptoms include trouble urinating, incomplete urination, dribbling, feeling the need to go again etc. 

Erectile dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which men are unable to get an erection to begin with or maintain one long enough to climax. It can be caused due to various factor including issues with physical health like hypertension, injury to the spine, nerve damage, diabetes etc. 

However, ED may also have causes rooted in mental health including depression, performance anxiety etc. 

Living with ED can be hard; while it does not pose a threat to the physical health per se, but it surely has implications for your relationships and sexual health. Therefore, if you are struggling with erectile issues, then consulting a urologist is important. 

Fertility issues in men 

If you are facing fertility issues, then also you need to visit a urologist. It may be that there are problems with the sperm motility, or shape, or can also be a sign of cancer. 

Pain during urination 

Experience pain, or burning like sensation during urination is another sign that you need to visit the doctor. The pain may be on account of an infection in the tract; it could be a case of urinary tract infection or infection of the prostate. In either case, the doctor needs to assess you to ascertain the issue precisely. 

Presence of blood in the urine 

It is normal to observe blood, either traces of or in large amounts, in the urine. It may be caused due to various problems; from the relatively innocuous UTIs to bladder cancer, there are many reasons for there being blood in your urine, and thus, visiting a urologist is vital. 

Urinary retention 

Urinary retention, as the name also suggests, is a condition in which urine gets retained in the body. Even when the person feels the need and urge to urinate, they are unable to do so; either the bladder does not empty out completely, or they may have a lot of difficulty in emptying the bladder. 

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence refers to the lack of bladder control. Either people have trouble keeping the urine in, and it then dribbles out, or they lose the control entirely. 

There are various reasons for urinary incontinence. It often affects people who are older. Notwithstanding the obvious physical toll that it brings, there is also the extreme mental anguish that the patients need to deal with too.

The shame associated with losing bladder control can often make people hesitant to reach out for help. However, if you are observing these signs, you must enlist the help of a Urologist in Rawalpindi.  

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