Reduce The Dirt with The Help of Walk-Off Mats

A walk-off mat at the entrance of your restaurant can minimize the chances of accidents like slipping, tripping, or falling, and will still give an appealing look to the place. The success of this can come in three different phases.  

Phase one begins from the outside world of the place you work in. Getting a heavy scraper mat for your entrance will help you to scrape the water and heavy soil away before entering the restaurant that is present in the shoes worn by the customer. Getting the dirt removed before entering is the best way that you can keep the building clean from the inside. 

The second phase immediately takes place inside the building, with the help of a second scraper mat. Getting a knob-style mat is the best option here. The design of this mat is to scrape out any large soil chunks from the shoes and continue to have a good professional look at the building. 

The last phase is the spot that confines the traffic before entering the flooring surface you have installed. For this phase having a hybrid scrapping mat is the best. The final process of scrapping the traffic dirt from the foot is completed here. The foot is dried and moisture trapped to keep the pools, puddles, and other slipping agents away.

According to studies it is noted that, if an individual walks on an entrance matting of 6 feet, then around 40% of the dirt is removed from the shoes. If the entrance mattings length is increased to 20% then around 80% of the dirt will be scrapped out. A 39 linear feet matting can be great as it can scrape out around 98% of the debris easily from a person.

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To maintain your entry mats in the best condition here are points that you can follow. 

  • Unroll the mats as soon as they are delivered to you and let it relax. This will settle the lumps and bumps present on the mat in a day.
  • When the mat is new it is normal to have a little shed and fuzz of the materials. It will get normal after they have been vacuumed daily. 
  • Rubber mat can be the best choice as long as you are ready to bare the bad odor from the brand-new rubber mat. 
  • It is necessary that you vacuum the mat at least 9 times a day. 
  • Get the spots cleaned on the mat as soon as possible and do not delay it.
  • It is important that your mats are provided periodic service so that they work well.
  • Washing the mat with shampoo and giving it a deep clean is great, but it is important that you give it enough time to dry well. 

Having walk-off mats is the best way to keep the dirt away. Get yours now and keep the surroundings clean.

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