Whitening teeth has been something people have worked on for more years than you might think. Using chalk, baking soda, different barks were used to clean and whiten. Now though we have advances in modern dentistry so when you are looking for effective teeth whitening Indiranagar your dentist is the best place to head to. While there are options available from pharmacies and such, the best results are gained from scheduling an appointment with an experienced dentist. From there you can choose from a few options some in the clinic treatments and some take-home tray types where you can whiten your teeth as you sleep!

Common dentist procedures

More and more people want to have cleaner and whiter teeth. Over the years, acidic foods and drinks, smoking, coffee, and aging can cause your teeth to stain and yellow. A dentist is the best person to help you deal with this and get faster results. The action a dentist might recommend depends on each person’s situation. Some people are better choosing one method of whitening over others, or choosing an alternative to whitening in since cases.

When choosing a procedure for whitening in the office there are a few procedures such as a certain gel being applied to the teeth and using a light or laser to activate the bleaching agent in that gel that then lightens the teeth. Before going through a whitening procedure you will have a teeth cleaning Indiranagar. If you choose to go the tray and chemical route then first they will clean then take a dental impression to create something that perfectly fits your teeth.

What can you do if whitening is not possible?

When whitening processes are not possible because of the condition of your teeth perhaps, this does not mean you have no other options. You could try some of the at home methods and have some results with that. Or you could talk to your dentist about alternatives to teeth whitening Indiranagar. For example, having porcelain or resin veneers is one where you achieve the look of whiter teeth by having each tooth covered in the materials so it bonds to the tooth and hides the staining and yellowing. It is very effective, is done so that it looks natural and last as long as 10 years.

Things to think about with teeth whitening

If you have sensitive gums and teeth you could head for just the teeth cleaning Indiranagar as that can lift the appearance of your teeth by itself. If it is not enough then you can talk to your professional dentist about what options you have that accommodate that sensitivity. When you see a dentist you get very fast results, whereas choosing a method at home, even when given to you by the dentist, you will see slower results and they will not be quite as good. Be sure to listen to their advice and follow their instructions to properly prepare for the procedure and then on how to look after your teeth after.

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