Peak Performance Ideas Series – A Mega Confidence Program before the Game

Working with professional athletes on their mental game has been a passion of mine for nearly 30 years. I have worked (and still work) with professional and competitive players in all sports. (I’ve even worked with bodybuilders who have won Mr. America, Mr. Universal, Mr. International, Arnold Classic, and Mr. Olympia titles). And I’ve worked with entire teams in the NHL, MLS (Professional Football) and MLB (Major League Baseball).

I am a sports and performance hypnotist with several professional athletes. I’ve worked on an incredible number of operational issues (with numerous operators) over the years. And let me tell you, it’s a common thing that I see time and time again that is responsible for touching a player and performing to their highest professional potential.

This is absolute trust. But it can and does take many shapes and forms.

And how I help players achieve and embody what I call mega power varies from player to player.

When you have this mega battle as a player, you know it; you feel in control of the situation and whatever happens in the match, you can handle it well.

Many say this belief is emotional. For many, it’s quality. Many describe it as an emotional and communication and energy system within you. And I found it all to be true… in everything!

And the “secret” to success in building trust is supporting what leads to it. In fact, I was told that’s the kind of confidence every player wants. But they – so often – just “get it” in a game, event or competition. Sometimes; sometimes it isn’t But if you are entrepreneurial in your preparation, good preliminary work really adds up

Trust me…then it starts to become predictable as you play.

I have many techniques and strategies that I do with my professional athletes. You don’t know the pressures, expectations and demands that players have to negotiate at staff level. – Especially during the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals and Olympics. I worked with the competitors at all these events and helped them get the most out of themselves.

And now I’m offering YOU a program to help you harness the mega power of pre-workout.

It’s a self-reinforcing thought process called the “pre-competitive success mindset.”

And this is something that most of the players I work with benefit from before 사설토토 Read it carefully and determinedly for about an hour before playing it,

 and be sure to clearly visualize every idea and concept you read


Then, when you feel the process progressing as you read, start with a warm-up – and then straight into your game. What I am telling you here is that the more you use this system, the more effective and decisive your results will be; you immediately gained confidence. And this feeling naturally encourages you to play at your peak.

Success before competition

And now that I gather my strength and willpower and am ready to compete – I recognize that there is potential for better – I have the level of the best; I’ve apparently seen this part of myself before. And my decision – and now my whole purpose – is to fully express that side of me… yes – from the beginning!

I’m ready to show off – I’m ready to play – now I’m ready to get my work – all – done!

I have complete faith in my abilities. I gained the necessary skills to be effective. I realized that it takes talent to make it work smoothly. And I have a determination – now – I must stand out – yes – and make a decisive impact that I know represents the undeniable truth about my competition – the strength, resourcefulness and true talent that I realized I possessed.

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