Offsite SEO is also known as link building and is one of the most widely used methods of online marketing along with social media marketing. For all those business looking to achieve Page One rankings for their website link building is the best methods. Of course there is Google adwords and other forms of advertising but when you are a small or medium size business with not a large budget link building presents you with a great method to rise up the Google rankings and be found by potential customers.

In the previous article we mentioned about onsite SEO methods and briefly mentioned about link building methods. In this article we’ll discuss some of the good link building methods that should be adopted. For most people link building is about getting more and more backlinks pointing to your website with the thought more links means quickly rising up the search engine rankings. The number of links do matter it always a case of quality over quantity.

#1 Citation Links: Citation links are basically business listings or directory listings where you can add your business to various local and national business directories. These are very important because these directories allow you to add your business details like business name and contact details along with a free backlink to your website. Make sure your NAP (name, address, place) details are consistent across all listings.

#2 Guest Blog Posting: Guest blog posting is widely used link building method. While many people have resorted to paying for guest blog posting the right method is to conduct an outreach campaign. Find blogs related to your niche and email each one of the blog owners asking if they are open to accepting a blog article that their readers will find interesting. The blog article should not be promotional of your business, instead it should be informative. Ask them if they would be happy to host the article on their blog and give you a backlink in return.

#3 PR News Submission: To most this might seem like an outdated method of link building but if you have any new product launches or service launch or you have started service operations in a new city and it makes for interesting news piece about your company then do get a professional writer to create a news piece that you can send to local online news sites for publication.

#4 Broken Links: This method is an advanced link building method that is used by top level SEO Dubai agencies. To unearth broken link opportunities you need to have subscription to SEO tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs. Using these tools you can look for competitor links. Find links where the report says lost. If the page URL is still there but the page is no longer showing content then contact the blog owner informing them that you would be happy to provide fresh & informative content provided they are happy to give you a link back in return.

The above are just some of the link building methods I make use of for my link building campaigns. If you to initiate a link building campaign for your website then contact a SEO Dubai agency.

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