Add elegance and sophistication to your home! This time, try natural slate floors at home, office or anywhere. It is an inherently strong and durable material and requires little maintenance, unlike other products such as granite and marble. Available in different sizes, such as solid surfaces for kitchen floors, tiles for walls and floors or different sizes. For a more creative look, give slate a stunning look and unparalleled natural beauty!

Natural tile floors are non-slip and have subtle colors and textures.

Therefore, they have the ability to complement almost any home or office interior design. In addition, slate is an affordable option for everyone and is easily available in many designs, colors and textures.

Not only do the above factors make slate an ideal choice for flooring, but the durability of slate flooring makes it a long-term sustainable choice. Such floors can withstand frequent and heavy traffic without losing their natural beauty. Natural tiles are widely used in floor coverings.

Floor stone bricks are available in different colors. Some slate colors are brown, green, sea green, purple and gray. Install tile floors in one of these colors or a combination of them. Natural slate tiles are also produced in several colors and sizes to visually enhance your floor. Use these tiles to create spectacular floor plans and make them more attractive by choosing natural smooth or rough surfaces!

In the past, slate was mainly used in congested areas

and to protect exterior walls. Some of its features such as stain resistance, slip resistance, and low maintenance have made it a favorite of traditional craftsmen who prefer economical and visual flooring materials. Natural slate tiles are usually available in 12-, 16-, and 24-inch sizes, in addition to other custom sizes.

You can also get professional advice from trained salespeople and technical experts in decision-making. By the way, if you’re still not convinced, here’s something to help you decide; Natural tile floors perfectly insulate the heat and cold and are fireproof, which guarantees your home without additional costs!

Indoor uses of slate:

Kitchen floors, countertops, 2 inch granite backsplash with tile above bathroom floors, shower walls, living room floors, entryways, hallways, family rooms, fireplaces and wall coverings, etc.

outdoor use of slate: sidewalks, patios, driveways, retaining walls, wall coverings, pool liners, pool surrounds, spas, waterfalls, landscaping and more.


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