Toys are awesome. They can be educational and fun, encouraging kids to play and discover their world and giving them the chance to work on their fine motor skills, problem solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination in the process. But what are the best toys to give Pakistani children?

That depends on several factors: how old they are, what type of personality they have, and what their interests are. Here’s a look at five must-have toys that Pakistani kids will love!

1 – Car racing

If you ask a child to name his favourite toy, he’ll tell you that it’s his toy car. A little boy develops a very strong bond with his vehicle, and not just when he is driving around in it. Boys can spend hours playing with cars and pretending to be professional racers. This is one of those toys that children play with again and again.

2 – Dolls

Girls love dolls too. They love dressing them up, feeding them pretend food and taking care of them. It’s fun to watch girls interact with their dolls – there is something so sweet about watching a little girl take care of her baby doll as if it were real.

Girls enjoy making their dolls talk and move – all things that help develop social skills at an early age. The best part about dolls? They don’t require batteries or electricity.

3 – Water guns

Water guns provide hours of fun and relieve a lot of that tension. They’re also safe and inexpensive, and you can try out different kinds until you land on one that works best for your child.

A great way to get exercise in as well as entertain your children at home. With water guns getting more advanced every year, there is no way of telling how many ways our water fights will evolve in future!

4 – Remote control cars

These days, remote control cars come in an amazing array of shapes and sizes. If you’re shopping for a remote control car, look at its details first – one that can handle multiple terrains is always better than a one-trick pony.

These toys appeal to both boys and girls. Plus, RC vehicles require physical dexterity to drive them; playing with them can hone your kid’s motor skills which will make learning how to ride a bike much easier when he/she is older.

5 – Quads

Bigger than a big wheel, smaller than a bike, quads have gained popularity in Pakistan after toy store chain Toot-Toot introduced them to local parents.

The four-wheeled vehicles can be steered and ridden by children as young as two years old. They’re larger than push scooters and smaller than bikes, which makes them perfect for toddlers who want something fast but don’t know how to balance yet.

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