Preparing the nursery is one of the exciting parts while waiting for the big day to come. It is the place where you and your little one would stay especially in the first few weeks of life. With this, a nursery should be comfortable and relaxing as well with all the necessities of your baby easily accessible when needed.

Because of the excitement of welcoming their new baby, some parents tend to over-shop when it comes to things for the baby’s nursery. There are so many baby items that have cute designs and are really tempting to buy especially when you imagine your little one using those things. However, some choices might not be that practical at all and would just add to your expenses even when they are not that necessary at all.

If you want to create a fully functional and comfortable nursery without really splurging on unnecessary things, here are the basic pieces that you only need to buy.


Basically, you’ll need a place where you can put your baby safe while sleeping. Since babies spend most of their time sleeping in the first few days, it is important to invest in a good crib to keep them safe as he sleeps soundly. Look for a crib that is sturdy and has fewer decorative elements or embellishments which can be safety hazards for little babies. To maximize the functionality of the crib, you can also opt for an expandable one so your baby can still use it up to toddlerhood and even more.

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Changing Table

Next, you’ll need a place where you can place the baby when changing his diapers and clothes. A baby changing table is another essential piece in every nursery. Look for one that has just the right height where you could lean over comfortably while changing the baby.

Be sure that it is wide enough so you have ample wiggle space while dressing your little one. Don’t forget to look for multifunctional ones – those with drawers underneath for extra storage or other useful features. If you’re looking for quality baby products online Australia has some good shops offering the best and even sustainable products for your little one.

Baby Beddings

Lastly, you need to have a bunch of baby beddings too for your little one’s crib. You don’t need so many things in your baby’s crib. All you need is a fitted sheet and washable mattress covers. Babies can’t move that much especially when they are still newborns and all those stuffed toys, pillows, and even blankets can pose a risk for suffocation when placed in the crib.

Keep it simple with just a firm mattress with comfortable beddings. During the winter months, you can keep your little one warm by placing your baby in a swaddle or wearable sleep sack or blanket.

With those 3 basic nursery items, you can already get a functional nursery for your little one. Just add in other items based on what you need.

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