Motorized and Honeycomb Blinds—Why Choose Them

Motorized blinds are the future of home automation as they open and close on their own. They can be opened and closed by using a timer so you do not even have to be in the room.  For others, you will just need to push a button to get them to open and close.  Some even have sensors that will automatically adjust as the temperature rise, making them energy efficient.  They do come with manual control options also. There is a quiet motor that opens and closes the blinds.  With their cordless designs, these are a safer option for homes with children and pets.

Honeycomb blinds, also known as honeycomb shades or cellular shades, are made from one continuous piece of material.  They either fold up or roll up along their pleats.  The fabric is bonded together to make the cells that are honeycomb shaped.  There is a single, double, or triple-layered design.  To provide insulation, the air is trapped between the layers of the blind in the individual cells.  They come in a variety of colors, light control options from blackout to sheer, and pleat sizes.

Although which one you want to use as window coverings is your choice, let’s look at some reasons why you should choose one over the other.

Motorized Blinds

If you should choose a bottom-up motorized blind, you will be able to increase the longevity of your window blinds.  Because they are motorized, you will not have to pull and tug on the blinds to get them to go up and down.  With motorised blinds, the motor is quiet when the blinds are raised or lowered.  You can also preset them to open and close them, open halfway, and more without having to physically do them.

They are great for those hard-to-reach windows because if you need to adjust them, all you need to do is press a button.  They can help to have better temperature control and help lower your energy bills.  Safer for your children as there are no cords to get tangled up in.  They are also compatible with many other window treatments.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds give you better insulation as they are thermal blinds that keep the cold out in the winter and block the sun in the summer.  They have a small profile so they do not require a lot of depth.  When they are raised, it stacks a the top.

When you install these blinds, their construction help to block out some of the outside noise so you can have a quiet environment.  They also give you better privacy as they are equipped to block out light more efficiently when you compare them with other blinds.  This is because of their multiple layers that can block out the light so it is difficult to see through them when they are closed.


Each of these blinds offers light control and privacy but there are some differences between each one.  Check out each one to find which will better fit your needs for window treatments.

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