Micro Soldering Tools that are Available at a Phone Repair Store

Importance of Micro Soldering at a Phone Repair Store

The Motorola cellphone was a breakthrough device in the field of communication. It was a bulky cordless phone that was one of its kind. Since then, the technological advancement in the communication field has increased enormously. After some time, Apple introduced the world with its first smartphone technology. Since then, there has been no looking back. Today, smartphones are a necessity that has become smart, compact, and sleek. The size reduction in cell phones has led to smaller components, making them more complex to repair. A few years back, most parts used modular devices like storage, charging ports, etc., but now the tables have turned. The most frequently repaired component is a smartphone’s charging port, but in Apple’s iPhone, micro soldering is required even to repair that. As the charging port is a part of the processing board, repairing it requires skill; otherwise, the iPhone can be damaged. As the parts can not be swapped in and out easily, the only option left with the phone repair store is to swap the motherboard whenever an issue occurs. But this will not be profitable for the cell phone repair center, nor will it be easy on the consumer’s pocket. This is where micro soldering comes in. Now with the correct tools and skills, we can easily repair the motherboard with the help of micro soldering. Thus, more and more cell phone repair stores in Murfreesboro have realized the importance of micro-soldering and are trying to provide in-house for its customers.

What is MicroSoldering?

Micro soldering is defined as the joining of ultra-fine wires or components that are minuscule and can only be seen through a magnifying glass. For example, the charging port on the iPad can only be changed through micro soldering.

Micro Soldering Tools used by Phone Repair Store

The quality of the tool kit matters a lot in micro soldering. Always invest in a good-quality tool kit. Even at the beginner level, use good tools to get precision and accuracy, as variable tools lead to failure and make you question your skill set. Even the resale value of the micro-soldering tool kit is very high. So, when purchasing the tool kit, think of it as an investment that can yield results later.

Micro soldering Microscope

A micro soldering microscope is an essential requirement at cell phone repair stores. The components on the motherboard are extremely minute, so one cannot function without them. The micro soldering microscope should have an extended workspace and an ability to magnify from 10* to 200*. It should also have a camera to record videos.

Precision Soldering station

A micro soldering station has a workstation and a soldering iron. The soldering iron attached to the station is more feasible than purchasing a stand-alone iron. The station makes the soldering work efficiently and effectively.

Soldering iron

A soldering iron is an essential component in the tool kit of a cell phone repair center. A 50 Watt soldering iron must have a round chisel tip and a set of replaceable tips to pick and choose from. It helps in targeting the right spot with an adequate amount of heat. The grip should be comfortable on the hands. It should be electrostatic discharge safe to avoid damaging the sensitive components of the motherboard. Not good quality tips will heat up quickly or have a variant temperature that can damage the component. Weller, Hakko, and Goot are world-class companies that deliver soldering devices and tools worldwide.

Solder wire

This is used for soldering various electrical components on a motherboard with the help of a soldering iron. O.5 mm soldering wire is suitable for mobile phone technicians. Lead and tin are the most common metals used in a soldering wire, with a ratio of 60:40 and 63:37. Nowadays, lead- free soldering wire is also available. It is made of tin, silver, and copper in a ratio of 96.5:3.0:0.5, less damaging for the cell phone components. Alpha Cookson is the world-known brand to purchase for solder wire


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you need for micro-soldering?

Ans: At the most, the rework station requires a soldering iron and a hot air gun. If the rework station does not have a soldering pencil and tweezers, buy them separately.

Q: Is micro soldering profitable?

Ans:  Micro soldering is not considered a highly profitable option. With the rise in smartphone prices, people are more reluctant to buy a new phone and prefer to repair an older version. Hence, the chances are that this repair trend may lead to good micro soldering.

Q: Is micro soldering hard?

Ans: Micro soldering is hard to learn and practice, especially with low-quality equipment. As a result, it is necessary to purchase quality instruments and consider them as future investments if you want to practice micro soldering. Rest if you lose interest and want to sell the good quality tools fetch a good resale price.


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