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Botox is a popular injectable treatment that relaxes muscles and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. Botox can be injected into the masseter muscle, which controls the jaw, as well as the face muscles.

This use of Botox may be strange to some patients. We recall sitting in a meeting with senior Allergan executives years ago, discussing novel and useful Botox applications. The Allergan scientists couldn’t imagine this use of Botox becoming widespread.

Several years later, his team conducted two clinical trials on masseter Botox injections, evaluating their benefits. Allergan will soon be able to market this particular usage of masseter muscle botox. Jaw injections have come full circle. But what are the benefits of masseter Botox, and what conditions does it treat?

Masseter Muscle Botox Benefits

Injecting Botox into the jaw muscles serves two purposes. Face contouring is one explanation. Some people have a prominent jaw muscle. When you bite your teeth together, the jaw muscle can sometimes jump out. Because the jaw muscle is so prominent, some people have a square jaw. That contour may appeal to some. Similarly, some people want a slimmer jaw. So we employ Botox in the jaw muscles to slim the face.

Another reason to use Botox in the jaw muscles is to treat clenching and grinding. Those who do not clench or grind may not understand, but those who do may find it problematic. Teeth broken by clenching and grinding They may also clench their teeth so loudly that their partner is kept awake or cannot share a bed. Sometimes folks are sore or in discomfort from grinding that they can’t get through the day.

Most people who come to us have been to the dentist, acquired mouth guards, and chewed right through them without any relief. Other patients try acupuncture and other treatments, none of which work. Botox is a fantastic treatment for patients who clench and grind their teeth.


Is Masseter Botox Effective for TMJ?

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint condition, and the jaw muscle are two very significant points. People who clench and grind their teeth may have TMJ-like symptoms. However, TMJ is a complex condition with various sources, including the jaw muscles. He tells patients he is not a TMJ specialist. If someone comes in with TMJ, he usually advises them to consult a specialist first, either an oral surgeon or a dentist. If the physician prescribes Botox as a treatment, we can absolutely deliver it.

They either want to slim down their faces to be more feminine or clench and grind their teeth.


Expectations for Masseter Botox

Botox is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive in-office treatment that is generally highly safe. Botox does not require anaesthesia or sedation. A tiny needle is used to inject Botox into the muscles of the lower face, jaw, and upper neck.

While some people feel benefits right away, it normally takes two weeks for the full effects of Botox to show. Many patients return for “maintenance” injections every three or four months to extend the advantages of their masseter muscle botox treatments.

Botox has a short recovery time and mild side effects. Bruising or pain at the injection site are possible side effects. Botox side effects normally go away in a few days.

Choosing the Best Masseter Injector

Also, remember that injecting masseter muscle botox into the jaw muscles is a delicate business. It’s vital to find a skilled injector. Inexperienced injectors can cause damage to the smile, poor jaw muscle therapies, and insufficient treatment for clenching and grinding symptoms. Results can be suboptimal.

Patients are advised to do their research and locate a dentist who is well-versed in the structure of the jaw muscles. So, whether you want to slim your face or cure symptoms of clenching and grinding your teeth, consider jawline sculpting with Botox for the jaw muscles.

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