If you’re a fan of the band Led Zeppelin, you should check out the forums and subreddits related to them. The 1970s rock band is gaining in popularity and fans are flocking to these sites in droves. The subreddit r/ledzeppelin has recently seen an explosion in its user base. Read on to learn more. This article will give you the lowdown on the various subreddits dedicated to the band.

John Paul Jones

On the Led Zeppelin Forums, one thread entitled ‘John Paul Jones: The End of the Road’ has become a staple in the band’s fan community. This thread has been around for almost two years, and has gathered a fair amount of activity. As you’ll see, JPJ has been a busy man, not only promoting his solo work, but also his Today programme.

Jimmy Page

If you’re interested in joining the discussion about Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin, then you’ve come to the right place. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are a famous band that formed in 1969 and remain one of the most popular bands of all time. While their fans may disagree with their sound, they certainly do not make the band look bad. It was an incredible lineup that featured great talent and a great deal of talent.

Jimmy Page’s guitar

If you’re looking for an authentic, original guitar, look no further. Jimmy Page’s guitar was designed by legendary musician and producer John Paul Jones. The guitar was the first of its kind to be signed to a rock band, and it’s also the only one left in existence. In addition to the guitar, Page was also the band’s drummer. Led Zeppelin became a global sensation because of Page’s guitar skills.

Jimmy Page’s amp

The original amplifier used by Jimmy Page was a Supro Coronado that was dropped out of a van. After cleaning it up, Jimmy re-engineered and modded it. He realized that it no longer suited his sonic palette, and so he decided to give it away to the world. Today, it is one of the most sought-after guitar amps, and can be found on collectors’ shelves.

Jimmy Page’s pedals

Jimmy Page uses a variety of pedals to create the unique sound he is known for. In the studio, Page uses a Marshall amp, but has since switched to a more modern model that costs less than $400. His pedal board features reverbs, delays, and early modulation pedals. Although the sound of Page’s guitar is likely the result of mic placement, the use of these pedals allows for atmospheric bleed over.

Jimmy Page’s voice

The first time I heard Jimmy Page’s voice on the Led Zeppelin Forums, I was intrigued. The band had a diverse range of members, including Page, Plant, and Robert Plant. Jimmy’s “jumpy” voice, described as a baby giraffe, made it easy for the group to create unique songs. As it turns out, Jimmy Page had a voice that fit the band perfectly.

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