People mostly ask which kind of laptop brand or laptop is best but the answer is not very easy. There are many kinds of laptops with different looks, quality, and features. if we compare these things (look, quality, feature), it’s very difficult to select the best one because everyone is the best except some companies (i don’t mention the name of those companies). What kind of laptop you should buy is not a question with a clear answer. Different aspects matter in case you to select the best one for you like the specification of the laptop and your budget. Then compare these specifications and budgets with different brands in the market and select the best one that suits you. Before buying any laptop make sure the following point will help you to select the best one.


Various platforms an available in the market so it is not easy to answer this question, what is the best platform especially if you are not familiar with a platform like MAC and Window. I am trying to give some overview of these platforms that help you to select one according to your surrounding and needs.

Most of the laptop is usually based on the window, MAC OS (Only for MacBook) or Chrome operating system. Selecting the right one is your personal preference.

Windows OS


⦁    Best collection of software and a wide variety of hardware

⦁    Best choose for heavy gaming

⦁    Very simple and user-friendly interface

⦁    A new feature introduced with updates

⦁    Almost work with every accessory


⦁    Updates sometimes make confusion

⦁    Compatibility issues with other devices

⦁    Version Confusion



⦁    User-friendly design

⦁    work with every iPad and iPhone devices

⦁    MAC PCs can run window OS via boot camp


⦁    Very few software options

⦁    Expensive then window OS

⦁    No touchscreen Versions

⦁    Few games

Chrome OS


⦁    Browser-based user interface

⦁    very simple and easy to use

⦁    Lightweight

⦁    Very Expensive hardware options


⦁    Dependent on Google tools

⦁    Limited storage-space

⦁    Bad accessory compatibility

⦁    Limited applications compare to Real PCs


Almost every model of laptops has different sizes and pricing of laptop increase as the size increase so it is very important to select the right size according to your budget and requirement. Here I explain different size range.

Laptop size usually starts from 11.6 inches and almost go up to 17.3 to 18. Usually, brands like HP, Dell, Acer, and ASUS offer 3 display size (13.3, 15.6, 17.3 inches). However, some company Offers Laptop Repairs Service outsize these sizes which include 11.6 inch, 12.5 inch, 14 inches,

11-12 inches: The thin and lightweight system around have 11-12 inches’ screens and its weight around 2.5-3.5.

13-14 inches: Provide portability and usability you want to get a laptop almost 4 pounds.

15 inches: The most commonly used size is 15-inch laptop weighs 4.5 to 6.5 pound. if you want a large screen then consider this size which means you are not planning to carry your laptop around often.

17-18 inches: if you don’t carry a laptop with you, laptop stay on your dest, then the 17 inches or 18-inch screen best for you. The system has the processing power and high-end display for high-quality games and can support 4k and 8k video quality.


Screen quality is the most important in many aspects like you always interact with your laptop screen whenever you want to use a laptop. So it is very important to know about the screen quality for better user experience. First, decide whether you want a touchscreen and traditional screen. The touchscreen makes the task very easy than non-touchscreen. if you are gamer or content watcher or photo editor than you might want a laptop that does not have a touch screen.

Next step is to make sure the resolution of laptop must be 1920×1080 (Full HD resolution ) if you want to keeps things in view. Modern laptop now offer very high-end display which include 4k or 8k display. these displays are usually used for high-end content development which are used by professionals.


If you buy a laptop for writing purpose or to do a lot of work on your computer than keyboard quality is the most important for laptop that has a very smooth and comfortable keyboard. The bad keyboard gives very bad experience I think you don’t want keyboards that have squished in pad number.

Buy a keyboard that has a very comfortable layout with full-size keys and they also have some space around the arrow keys.

RAM (Random access memory)

RAM is a form of storage that store the data and machine code when computer being used (means it is non-volatile). you should select at least 4GB you can also extend according to your requirement. Less then 4GB may cause a problem for you because the latest application and software want high processing speed and fast storage capacity in order to work properly. Don’t extend your RAM without any purpose and requirement because it is considered as the wastage of resources because your requirement is very small than your RAM.


Storage drive speed is more important than the speed of your CPU. Storage drive is your internal store that varies in speed and performance. if you afford a high-speed storage device like SSD then it can boost the performance of your system. SSD is much faster than HDD try to select SSD for your operating system configuration. You can also use the combination of both SSD and HDD.


If you plan to travel with your laptop then the size and weight of the battery is matter. if you want a long battery life than you should bear the weight of the laptop. the light laptop usually have a small battery with small weight and small size due to the less powerful processor and smaller screen. See the review about the battery how long the battery will last . 15 inches laptop have usually five to seven-hour timing and eight to ten hours form small laptops. Do not forget to check the life of the battery.


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