Knockin Mice: The Newest Transgenic Mouse Model For Drug Discovery

Knockin mouse is a type of transgenic mouse that was created for the purpose of molecular and genetic research. It was engineered with a knockout mutation in any gene, which means that it doesn’t have that gene. These mice are specifically designed to be an asset to drug discovery – using them as a model for human drugs is much easier than using human cells.

What is a Knockin Mouse?

Knockin mice are a new transgenic mouse model for drug discovery. They were created by adding a gene that makes mice knock on wood when they hear a sound. The knockin mice are used to study how drugs affect the nervous system.

Knockin mice have several advantages over other mouse models. For example, they can be more easily studied in small numbers and they are sensitive to drugs that work on other mouse models but not on humans.

How Does the Knockin Mouse Work?

Knockin mice are a new mouse model for drug discovery. These mice have a mutation in the gene encoding for the protein knockin, which causes the knockin protein to accumulate in the cells. This accumulation allows researchers to study the effects of drugs on knockin mice more accurately and with greater precision than with traditional mouse models.

Applications of the Knockin Mouse

One of the most intriguing new mouse models for drug discovery is the knockin mouse. Developed by Cyagen, this mouse model allows scientists to study gene knockouts and gene silencing in a cellular setting. The knockin mice are also useful for studying how genetic variation affects disease susceptibility.


Drug discovery is a process that requires the development of new drugs to treat diseases. Unfortunately, the current drug discovery process is often difficult and time-consuming, which means that it can take years for a new drug to reach market. One recent way to speed up this process is by using knockin mouse, which is genetically modified mouse that have been engineered to carry human genes. If you want to identify potential targets for new drugs much more quickly, contact us today !


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