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The majority of people living in India are now conscious of the aesthetics of their commercial and residential areas. They seek the finest in decorating their homes. This is the reason why that people will invest their money in home interior design.

There are many famous interior designers in the United States, who are specialized in providing the most appealing designs for residences of their clients.

Interior designers play a significant part in the process because without a suitable decor and color in the specific commercial or residential properties, it isn’t a good place to live in. The most important thing to remember is that designing stunning spaces isn’t an easy task.

There are a variety of interior design schools that can serve as your guide to achieving your the goals you have set for yourself in your design career. If you wish to become an expert in interior design then you need to be able to create an idea that is in line with the client’s requirements within the budget. This is possible through gaining a deep understanding in the field by completing appropriate certificates or diploma programs in interior design.

Note Note: The list of the top interior designers featured on this blog is merely for informational purposes. It does not provide any kind of rank.

Are you trying to find who are the Best Indian Interior Designers? Then you’re at the right place to discover and comprehend the work of the best Interior designer in India.

One of the most exciting and expanding industries within India includes Interior Design. In India youngsters are getting ready for working in the workforce, indicating an increase in living standards, which is resulting in a growing demands for beautiful homes that are luxurious. In reality, the design of our homes or offices directly affects the quality of our lives.

Interior design in India has been a major contributor to certain of the most innovative designs in the world. greatest interior designers over the centuries, influencing cities and interiors of homes to the present day.

Here are the 10 most most renowned interior designers from India who will transform your home into an a million dollars!

10 Best Interior Designers in India

1. Sunita Kohli

The most renowned name of interior designers includes Sunita Kohli. Since 2016, the designer renovated the Presidential Estate (Rashtrapati Bhavan), the Prime Minister’s Office, as well as Hyderabad House. Hyderabad House in Delhi. She is a specialist in design research and research based on research, as evident from her previous assignments. Because of this she’s among the top Interior designers from India in designing the interiors of historic and contemporary buildings with traditional royal, royal, and traditional designs.

2. Manit Rastogi

Manit Rastogi is the founder of Morphogenesis as an interior design company based in Delhi. It is known for its innovative design, Manit focuses on sustainability. Manit was the first Indian to be awarded the World Architecture Festival Award, Manit has received numerous national and international distinctions. Alongside his work at the Jaipur Pearl Academy, Manit also created for the Chettinad Health City Auditorium. Morphogenesis is a company that operates throughout Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan as well as Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa, in addition to India. Manit Rastogi is therefore, the ideal choice for anyone searching in the perfect Indian design professional in India or in other countries.

3. Gauri Khan

The world has Gauri Khan’s name as being the spouse to Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan. But, the majority of people don’t know that Gauri Khan is the owner of her own business, Gauri Khan Designs. She has been involved in the homes of numerous Bollywood celebrities which makes her one of the most famous design firms in India. She is an interior design professional who gets her inspiration from her love of design. This is the reason her designs are distinctive, life-like and extraordinary. Her passionate and passionate designs have turned Gauri Khan a household name on her own in the field of interior design,

4. Tanya Gyani

One of the strengths of Tanya Gyani is her ability to manage many different projects. She is among the most flexible interior designers because of the diversity of her work. In fact, she has the ability to transform offices, residences and even bars with the same ease regardless of how small or huge. In her professional career she has worked in various countries among them in the U.S. The architect has created DLF properties such as Magnolias, Aralias, and Queen’s Court, which are among the largest projects in the United States.

5. Aamir and Hameeda

Interior designer and architect Aamir Sharma along with wife Hameeda manage Aamir and Hameed Interior Designers and Contractors. Their designs have left a significant impact on the industry of interior design throughout India although they are among the most renowned design firms in India located in Hyderabad. Their work is as among the top in the world in the present. Alongside Sunil Shetty’s boutique Aamir as well as Hameeda have designed a variety of designs which place them in the top tier of the design world of interiors. Their projects span a broad range, from luxurious houses for the ultra-rich to luxurious bars, restaurants and luxury apartments in the most desirable locations. They also have more than 50 of the most prestigious bars and restaurants in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and some between. They are the best interior designers in Bangalore and Hyderabad. 

6. Shabnam Gupta

With an extremely modern design philosophy, Shabnam Gupta is part of the modern day interior designers. Her designs are highly unique. Her work employs a mix of space and design to convey stories. She offers a dreamer’s viewpoint to living spaces. This is precisely what good interior design ought to accomplish! Kangana Ranaut and Rani Mukerjee’s homes include among her famous works and have been honored with numerous awards. Shabnam also created The Social in Pune, The Bar Stock Exchange in Mumbai as well as an institute for higher learning in Chandigarh.

7. Anjum Jung

In the world of major designers for interior designs, Anjum Jung certainly is one. Morph Designs, her design studio, is based out of Mumbai. It has clients across India and is a top interior design firm in India. Her designs are simple in look and simplicity that makes her designs unique. The absence of formal education in interior design could be the result of this. Anjum isn’t a professional designer, but instead believes her birth was marked with an aptitude in interior designing. In addition to a number of high-end estates, Anjum Jung has worked on the Oasis Resort, Silver Oak, and Edwardian properties belonging to the Prestige Group.

8. Ambrish Arora

Architectural designer Amrish Arora is creating the spaces he envisions for more than 30 years. This is why Ambrish has earned himself a reputation for being one of the country’s most renowned interior designers. His experience includes designing the most efficient utilization of space as well creating boats. Studio Lotus is Ambrish’s interior design company that was established in 2002. Although she is self-taught, Ambrish is an expert in interior design and is also an academic.

9. Lipika Sud

Lipika Sud is among India’s most famous interior designers. She is the creator of Lipika Sud Interiors Pvt. Ltd. With more than three decades of experience in interior design business Her work has made a lasting impression. Her work can find a wide range of styles and is completed with incredible attention to detail and consideration. Her most notable projects include Havells Corporate office, Ericsson headquarters, Hyundai Motors, and Tata Motors. Furthermore, Lipika has worked as an interior designer for firms such as Daikin, HCL, Bloomberg along with American Express.

10. Ajay Shah

Based in Mumbai, Ajay Shah Design Studio is behind many of the most popular projects to the present. The studio is specialized in retail-based designing as well as industrial interior design and has also carried out designs for architectural purposes. Aside from that, Ajay is also an equally talented Furniture Designer who has designed some spectacular furniture pieces. Some of Ajay’s clients include PVR Cinemas and InOrbit.

The Final Words

The fact that interior designers are educated and well-known doesn’t mean that their decisions are superior to those of their clients.

The role of the interior designer is to provide a range of styles and guide the customer to the best style and let the customer feel at ease.

The industry may be very competitive however, with the right amount of effort and a solid portfolio, you can be an accomplished interior designer.

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