Incorporating Natural Stone Into Your Bathrooms And Kitchens

A popular choice for a lot of homeowners and designers nowadays is a natural stone of some kind. It is used in a variety of places, tiles, flooring, and countertops too. But as great as some of those stones are there can be issues of being porous or having to have it sealed on a regular basis to keep them resistant to certain things. You do not have that problem with quartz, which is not natural, it is engineered, though using some natural stone in the process. In fact, because of its desirable qualities quartz countertops Wall NJ is becoming a quick favorite of many people.

Why choose quartz for kitchens and bathrooms

These are rooms in the house that get the most visits so it makes sense that while you want them to look fantastic you also need them to meet your practical needs. A kitchen should be able to handle heat, spills, accidental cuts with a knife, children banging things perhaps and so on. A bathroom needs to handle hot hair dryers and curlers, spills again, and bangs as things are placed down less than carefully when people are in a hurry to get ready. Where marble is soft and granite porous if it is not sealed, so quartz is made to be scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and stain-resistant too.

As well as being practical quartz is still an attractive option. It is as durable as something like granite and while you do not have the individual patterning and textures, it is still appealing to look at and can suit any design and style of bathroom or kitchen, from modern to bohemian to traditional and more. While you can show off your new kitchen renovations to your friend when they come over for a coffee you can be reassured that quartz countertops Point Pleasant Beach are completely safe to also prepare food on.

How might quartz be used?

As mentioned it is commonly used as highly suitable quartz countertops Wall NJ but that is not the only way this material can be used. Flooring is also a possibility, when you are looking for something that does not damage and can handle a lot of traffic quartz could work very well. It is very easy to maintain so you can just clean it how you normally would and it should not require strong chemicals.

Bathroom tiling is another way it is used. It adds a very luxurious feel to the space and you can mix your choice of materials if you want to, having one type on the floor and another as tiling, or you could match. A well done bathroom will add a lot of value to your home. You can also use it as a backsplash material. It adds interest and is more affordable than some of the more expensive stones. It is also safe and like quartz countertops Point Pleasant Beach, stain and heat resistant.

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