How To Write Evaluation Report Of Previous Studies

Evaluation report of previous studies is that type of writing which focuses on a formal style to discuss some event or case. In academic writing, a report is made to discuss the procedure and end result of the research. The purpose of report writing is to critically analyse the whole situation and recommend something based on the analysis. Including technical and non-technical writing, the report has the following types:

  • Minutes of meeting
  • Progress report
  • Evaluation report
  • Feasibility report
  • Event report
  • Audit report
  • Compliance report
  • Justification report

All of the above-mentioned reports play an important role as per the demand of the hour. In the field of research, evaluation report of previous studies is used frequently. It has a proper format to follow that makes it easy to understand the sequence of each section. Hence, in the light of importance of evaluation report, this article aims to discuss the evaluation report of previous studies.

What Is Evaluation Study Report?

The type of report that focuses on examination of a particular thing and its standards is termed as an evaluation report. It can be related to a product or a service. The writer critically evaluates if the mentioned product or service is as per standards or not. Evaluation is basically the inquiry about the discussed topic. Once you are done with your research work, the next step is to write an evaluation report. You can write an evaluation report for your research and for some other researchers’ work. In the evaluation report of previous studies, you need to focus on findings. The targeted audience of the research shows interest in the evaluation report. In the same way, stakeholders find this report beneficial. Irrespective of reading and understanding the whole research, you can read its evaluation report.

The approach for the evaluation report of previous studies can vary as per the research methodology. The main point to note is that, the purpose of the report remains the same. Irrespective of the objective or subject approach of report, the main goal is to analyse its findings. The writing objective of the report is the same as a dissertation. It focuses on the research goal, approach and targeted audience. Additionally, evaluation report of previous studies encounters report type and its style. You can hire a dissertation writing service if you feel any problem in the evaluation report.

What Is Included In An Evaluation Report?

Following are the parts that must be included in an evaluation report of previous studies:

  • Executive Summary
  • Preface
  • Table of Content
  • Introduction
  • Results of Study
  • Conclusion of Discussion
  • List of Recommendations
  • References
  • Appendices

How Do You Write an Evaluation Report?

In evaluation report of previous studies, you need to analyse all of the information related to the research. For the evaluation report, discuss the following sections in detail:

Executive Summary

The executive summary needs to be brief and highly engaging. This is the first step that can develop an interest in the reader. The right use of information and words make it interesting to read. It is better to create curiosity in writing that can make the reader curious about the end results. In the evaluation report of previous studies, your targeted audience is fixed. Therefore, it is easy to write an executive summary as per interest.


Preface is the introductory paragraph that describes 5 W’s of research. It addresses the main purpose of writing an evaluation report. Similarly, it addresses the future scope of study that is under observation. Another important aspect of the preface is thanking the people who helped you throughout your research.

Table of Contents

The length of the table of contents varies as per the length of the evaluation report. It just includes headings and subheadings included in your report. You can even buy dissertation online completely if you are unable to make table of contents on your own.


In the section of introduction, start with background information mentioned in the previous study. Furthermore, mention the research problem and objectives of the research. In the objectives of the research, you basically answer the problem statement. In the same way, you can mention future scope and limitations of the previous study that you are evaluating.

Discussion of Study

This is the main body of evaluation report of previous studies. In this section, you have to mention your claims and their evidence. Similarly, you need to discuss how research performance justifies the claims. Your main focus should be on the connection between theory and practical performance.

Conclusion of Discussion

You have to conclude the research findings briefly. The conclusion is made after critically evaluating the whole structure of the research. In the evaluation report of previous studies, clarity matters a lot. Do not make things complex for the reader. The right critical analysis and use of words make the conclusion effective. Most of the writers take this part as a difficult one, but you can make it easy with little effort.

List of Recommendations

Based on the discussion and conclusion, you have to recommend points for the future. The recommendation must be logical. Also, it should have ground basis for implementation in future.


List down all of the references to general articles you have used for research, and do not forget to add in-text citations. Follow standards of citation and referencing.


In appendices, you can add tables or graphs that are linked with your discussion section. It is not necessary that the tables and graphs are directly linked to the discussion, but they can be an important part of the research.

Final Thoughts

Evaluation report of previous studies has great importance as it is used by stakeholders. That is why you need to work on its different parts with full attention. Your small negligence can ruin all of your efforts, or it can cause project failure. So, you have to be very careful about it. The discussion part is the main body of the whole report. Here, you need to justify for every action and its further impacts. This is the part that impacts on future recommendations. Apart from all that, do not forget to ensure the right formatting and structure of the evaluation report.

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