How To Take Care of Your White Fedora Hat?

Do you have a beautiful and expensive white hat that you cannot just maintain and take good care of? Do you really want to know how to take care of such a hat in the best way possible? Have you tried several ways and yet failed time and again? If ‘yes’ is the answer to all these questions, this article will serve you the best. 

This is a common issue in most households and many people often tend to skip buying white items such as hats—due to this very reason. Besides, unable to take care of the high maintenance required by a fancy white hat, many people lose their lovely possessions in no time. Therefore, this problem needs to be radically treated and given a proper solution. In this article, you will be directed towards solving this perpetual problem and able to wear your favourite white fedora fearlessly!

Why white is underrated?

The colour white is often overlooked because of the high-quality maintenance that it demands but in the fashion world, it has gained much popularity due to its simplicity and soberness. Many people do not like the colour white because they think it is not well mixed with their complexion and can be a matter of embarrassment. But the good news is that the colours black and white can be worn by everyone and anyone due to their neutrality. If you wear colourful attire and pair any part of the outfit with a white hat—you will see the perfect balance that it brings to your overall look. 

Examine the hat:  

Before you start right away, pause and make a decision based on the quality and state of your fedora. You can start by looking at the stitches and clothing material of the white hat and determine if they are in a good state. Remember durability is the key here. If your hat looks durable and in the right condition, it can withstand the washing process. Alternatively, look at the hat label; you will get to know a few valuable instructions that will assist you in making your decision. Instructions such as clothing material and washing instructions are your cues to decide if you or some professional dry cleaner can wash it.

  • Choose your cleaning agent cautiously:

Many people make the common mistake of choosing one standard cleaning agent that can be used for every occasion and every material. The bad news is that your fedoras are different from the rest of your closet items and need extra care and maintenance. Therefore, the first thing to do here is to ditch the dishwashing agent, bleach, and other harmful/strong washing agents. 

When you use a strong washing agent, it will, although take care of the spots and dirt, will also leave behind stains and discolour the material altogether. This is because each of those agents has bleach as an active compound that helps in discolouration or spot removal quickly. Bleach or bleaching compounds should always be kept away from your white fedora at any cost. 

  • Know how to hand-wash a white fedora hat:

Before starting away, determine the material of your white fedora mensHand washing is applicable for selected materials such as cotton, wool, synthetic materials and even cotton blends. Even though this process takes more time and patience than dry-cleaning, with the right direction, you will be having a spotless fedora in front of you in no time. Prepare the sink by filling a big bowl or fill up the sink instead and add a cup of hydrogen peroxide, a tablespoon of detergent (gentle and material-friendly) and a scoop of baking soda. 

Mix the ingredients together and put your hat inside the sink for some time. If it is a cotton material, 30 minutes will be enough, for other materials, let it sit for 1 hour. In the case of wool, along with the above-mentioned materials, also add a spoon of wool conditioner. After the fedora has soaked up perfectly, take it out of the sink and gently remove the spots or dirt from the surface using a soft-bristle brush. Do not scrub for too long in order to keep the material intact. Afterwards, clean it in either hot water (for cotton materials) or cold water (for woollen materials). Dab the moisture of the hat with a cotton fabric and let it air-dry in an indoor set-up. 

  • If unsure, a dry-cleaner is a right way:

If you are unsure about the directions or material of the fedora, you can instead go for a professional dry-cleaner. This will help you save the hat from the misapplication of washing instructions. 

Hopefully, you are convinced about wearing more whites in your daily life with this article. The colour white is not limited to a certain fashion utility, but it is also significant with respect to well being. It is said and believed that white brings in peace and signifies calmness. Hence, if you are exploring various colours in your wardrobe, you might as well give the colour—white a chance. 

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