There is no set timeframe on when you should ask your partner for marriage. In fact, you’ll feel it when you are both ready for marriage and it is all up to you when you would take out the ring and pop out the question.

Planning a wedding proposal doesn’t really need to be an elaborate event. Since it is a special milestone in your relationship, it would be a lot better to make it an intimate occasion for you and your partner only. However, you’ll still need to do some planning to make things flow smoothly. Here’s a simple guide to help you out on your proposal day.

Choose an Engagement Ring

For some people, an engagement ring isn’t really necessary when proposing since you’ll get another ring during the wedding day. However, giving her an engagement ring serves as a keepsake; something you and your partner could wear and keep as a marker that both of you agreed to get married soon.

You could get her involved in choosing the engagement ring since it can make her excited as well. However, if you want it to be a surprise, you could ask a close friend of her to know your partner’s preferences. Be sure to choose the right size of the ring so it fits perfectly. If you’re not sure about the ring size, the best engagement rings would be an open ring so it could be adjusted to fit perfectly.

Talk to Her Parents

Asking her parents for permission may seem old-fashioned these days, but parents actually value it a lot when you tell them about your intention of marrying their daughter before taking further steps. It serves as a symbol of your respect for them as parents of the woman you love. They might even help you out in setting up your surprise proposal for their daughter.

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Pick a Date, Time, and Venue

To make things a lot special, it is important to treat that day as a special occasion. Pick a venue and set the date and time that you will take her out to that place. Usually, it is done over an intimate dinner but you could choose other places that are memorable in your relationship. It is best to choose a place that isn’t much crowded to make the moment magical and be sure to make her the priority of this event.

Choose the Right Outfit

Since it is a special day, don’t just wear regular clothes. Take some effort in choosing something nice to wear. You could also tell her to wear something beautiful on your date so it feels extra special. Tell her that you’re going on a date so she’ll naturally dress up and make herself look good.

Ask the Question

During the date, timing is the key to when you should pop the question. It doesn’t matter whether you kneel or not. Simply tell her how you feel and the promises you plan to do with her in the future and ask her the question. Don’t forget to hold out the ring to her while asking her the big question.

Planning a proposal may sound that simple but it actually takes a lot of courage to do. Just be honest, confident, and hope that she says yes.

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