How to Keep Your Windscreen Clear of Snow?

The winter season is often quite challenging for car owners, specifically the ones who lack covered or indoor parking space. Parking your car out in the open means leaving it at the mercy of the weather. The extremely cold temperature will turn your screen foggy and even wet. In case it starts snowing, it will instantly stick to the screen and turn to ice.

Getting up in the morning, you will have to remove ice from your car and screen, which can be more than two to three inches. You cannot just pick a wiper or brush and remove all the ice from the screen. It is easier said than done, and you must follow a proper protocol to clear the screen of snow. If you stick to random practices, your windscreen will need repair.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn in detail how you can keep your windscreen clear of snow and ensure to keep your damages minimal.

Top 6 Tips to Keep Windscreen Clear of Snow

Windscreen damage due to snow and ice is quite common during the winter months. However, the major source of damage is not the snow but the faulty practices of people in removing the snow. You must learn effective ways and follow them diligently to keep the damages at bay. Do not forget to get the screen replaced if you have sustained damages.

Here are some major tips you can follow to keep your windscreen clear of snow and drive safely.

1) Keep Wiper Blades in Air

The very first tip you can follow to keep the windscreen clear of snow is to keep the wiper blades in the air. Most car owners prefer to keep wiper blades folded, which causes more inconvenience and damage to the screen. The snow can freeze and turn to ice, leaving scratches on the screen when wiper blades are turned on. Repeating the mistake will fill the screen with scratches and limit visibility. People contact replacement windscreen London technicians to get a new screen and learn the lesson to keep wiper blades in the air during the snow.

2) Keep the Windscreen Clean

The second tip you must follow to protect your screen from snow is cleaning it. It applies to the internal and external sides of the screen equally. The screen can get dirty and dusty even after a short drive. If you ignore the dust on the screen, it will stick to the screen when it snows and leaves tiny scratches behind. So, invest in a quality cleaner that is not too harsh and clean your screen regularly.

3) Limit Interior Moisture Level

Limiting the moisture level in the car is too important to clear snow and ice from the screen. Car moisture will dampen the inner side of the screen, due to which snow will stick harder on the outside. It will also make the dirt and debris stick to the screen. It will cause chips and scratches when you try to clean the screen from the inside or outside. So all of it will lead to a bigger mess. Be careful and limit the moisture as much as possible to lower the damage.

4) Turn on the Engine

One of the best tips to clear the screen of snow and ice is to turn on the engine. It will start melting the ice, and you will be able to remove it smoothly and quickly. However, it does not mean you can start removing ice right after turning on the engine. The engine will take a while to work smoothly, and ice will melt once it gets warm enough. So, wait until a little ice melts and starts falling in order not to cause any damage to the screen.

5) Blast Defroster

Blasting the defroster is another tip you can follow in cleaning the screen of ice and snow. However, you should not just turn on the defroster right away. Instead, start the engine and wait till it gets hot. Turn on the defroster when the snow starts melting. It may take a while, depending on the density of snow. In any case, you should avoid splashing hot water on the screen to melt the ice quickly as it can cause irreparable damage. So, be patient and wait for the ice to melt.

6) Scrape the Windscreen

The last tip you can follow to the clear windscreen of snow and ice is scraping it. Once the ice has melted due to the defroster, you can use a scraper to remove it more quickly. However, if it is still intact and stuck to the screen, you should avoid scrapping it. It can leave chips and scratches on the screen, which can even turn into cracks. In case your screen is already damaged, contact replacement windscreen technicians and get it replaced to drive safely and comfortably.

Have you damaged your windscreen trying to clear snow?

If yes, do not drive the car with a damaged screen as it can put your life at risk. Contact professional technicians to get your windscreen replaced immediately and learn effective ways to clear snow to avoid future damage.

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