Everyone in the world thinks about losing a few pounds once every now and then. And those who don’t, are in the opposite struggle: Trying to gain them with no luck, and that must be as bad or worse.

When we look at ourselves in our clothing and notice it is starting to feel tighter and less comfortable, there are only two thoughts that can come to mind.

1.-Should I start getting new clothes?

2.-How can I get rid of this extra weight easily?!

It is more soothing to think about getting new clothes than losing weight most of the time.

Most people do not want to be restricted to a certain type of meal only and also for a long period of time, but the unraveling of events of not doing so always bears a more painful reaction: Losing all your clothing at once, and feeling heavier and more attractive of a wrong type of looks that make you feel bad and probably, later on, get you to binge from social anxiety (remember some of those stares are because you’re sexy to them, don’t forget to love yourself).

The truth is weight loss should not turn into a competition with your brain that feels like a show about battling human fears and horrors (Broccoli, we are looking at you, you seriously taste like moss).

When you want to get into a weight-loss routine, be it weight loss in Point Pleasant or weight loss in Brick or anywhere else, or as I like to call it, body mass balancing and adjustment, the first thing you need to do is observe your daily, monthly and year-long eating habits.

What do you normally eat? How often do you lose control and binge eat? Are there celebration days when you just cannot fight the urge to get yourself a tummy ache from overeating?

It is more common than you think, and even though some people seem like they don’t fight the battle, they remember themselves as thinner than they are now and also feel like they are carrying an extra size over themselves as a layer of fatty tissue.

Wanting to lose weight might be the top New Year’s proposition for everyone in America. It is probably related to the fact that we love to eat, and have some of the most delicious dishes in the world. Weight loss in Brick should not be about a proposition, though, it should be about changing habits and becoming a healthier person.

I mention this because if you only eat healthy when you want to lose weight, the chain of events that will unravel could potentially lead to hospital visits and health conditions that could be fatal.

That is why I propose the following as Step 1:

A self-evaluation. So you can begin the journey into a better being. Taking a good hard look into what moves you and what foods you feel you can’t live without, so that if you decide to get help from experts in weight loss in Point Pleasant, you won’t come out feeling like you were told to stay on a diet of rabbit food when you are clearly a big bear.

In reality you are more than that, you are a human being, and we struggle with personal issues, and feeling bad with ourselves is never going to help make the change happen, but action will, so open up your wings and fly wherever you want to get with your journey, be it a slimmer version of you that fits back into all the clothes you have or straight into the race to motivate those around with your story of becoming stronger than ever. Remember your future you will thank you anyways, you just have to choose what there will be to thank for.


This article is not intended for diagnostic purposes.

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