How To Get The Most From Your Cycling Coach

One of the most common incorrect assumptions about cycling and triathlon coaches is that only professional athletes use them or need them. In fact, anyone can benefit from cycling coaching, a lot of amateurs can improve their times and their performance. You can choose to get an in-person coach or try something online. Here is a look at how to get the most from your cycling coach.

Getting the best results

Here are some of the things that can get you better results and boost what you get from your coaching experience.

Make sure you have short term and long term goals

It is important to have goals and your cycling coach should help you set them. Having a mix of short-term and long-term goals will better help you stay motivated and achieve them. Then you can set more goals as you improve. Be more specific than win races!

Ask questions and be honest if there are issues

If you are not sure why they have set certain training for you then ask them. It is important you understand why you are doing something and what benefits you are going to get. You are more likely to do it and try harder. A lot of certain training and workouts have specific goals like preparing you for race conditions, or for one part of a race. Often athletes find that they might hit a certain section in a race and it is thanks to great coaching and certain training that got them through it.

Make sure plans take into account your other obligations

If you are not a professional athlete you will have other commitments. Possibly a full or part-time job, school, family obligations, volunteer work and other things that take up your time and attention. This can impact your training of course, not just because you need to fit in your training around this but stress at work, family illness and such can then impact how you perform in your training. When you have cycle coach you need to make sure a coach understands what other things you have to do, and takes into account your situation as it changes. Make sure you tell your coach what is happening so they can help you by making something more flexible so your training is not adding to your stress.

Recovery time should always be a part of a successful program

Your cycling coaching should make sure you have time for recovery as part of your training. How you are able to recover from more rigorous training will change as you improve in fitness and skill. You might need more recovery time at the start of the coaching process and then that can be adjusted depending on how the program develops. Having enough recovery time is an important part of how you avoid injuries as well. If you feel like you are not having the time you need talk to your coach and come up with some changes to the plan.

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