How to find the right product in our rowing machine comparison

For an effective full-body workout, rowing should not be missing, especially if back pain is to be reduced or weight loss is the focus best heat diffuser for gas stove top even for your own home gym, you should definitely invest in a rowing machine and thus supplement your training. This will strengthen your entire body while improving your endurance. However, you should follow your personal trainer in Singapore so that you will get right information according to your body type!

Which different resistance systems there are for rowing machines and which important functions they should have according to tests, we have listed in our comparison table. Get an overview there!

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our rowing machine comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell


  • With a rowing machine, the power of the user is displayed in watts, which is why it, like e.B. an elliptical cross trainer, is one of the ergometers and is therefore also referred to as a rowing ergometer.
  • Rowing machines as exercise bikes are initially difficult for beginners to integrate into the training, as the movement sequence takes some getting used to. Once you get the hang of it, the training is all the more effective.
  • For rowing machines, there are different resistance systems: air, water, magnet or hydraulics, and different designs: rowing machines with wire rope or models with so-called booms.

If you have already tested a rowing machine, you have certainly noticed how strenuous the training with this device is. However, this is what makes it particularly effective, as the entire body and the cardiovascular system can be strengthened if done correctly. This makes it all the more important to have the training monitored by a professional at the beginning so that the movement sequence and posture are right.

In addition, the right device is crucial for training success, which is why we will introduce you to the various rowing machines in our purchase advice 2022. We also take a look at what you can train with the rowing ergometer and what else you should consider before buying. In order for such a device to fit well in your living room, there are even rowing machines made of wood.

How does a rowing machine work?

The construction of a rowing machine is quite simple: there are two rails, between which there is a movable seat. On this, you sit during training and with each pull on the cable pull or on the booms, the seat is moved backward. Nevertheless, there are big differences between the rowing machine models. The different types affect not only the functioning of the equipment but also the simplicity of indoor training.

Wire rope hoist or boom

Basically, the movement on the rowing machine naturally corresponds to that on a rowing boat. The difference, however, is how the device is operated.

Especially for beginners, rowing machines with a wire rope pull are initially better suited to get used to the sequence of movements when rowing. These models are not only narrower and thus optimal as rowing machines for the home, you can also pull on a handle with both hands.antique kitchen gadgets compared to rowing machines with booms, where you have to grab a boom on the right and left, this is easier to coordinate at first. With the models with booms, you basically perform exactly the same movement that you would make on a boat. For experienced rowers, it is therefore easy to use the rowing machine with booms.

Nevertheless, training with rowing machines with booms is also possible for beginners and can be learned quickly.

Tip: In order for you to carry out the training on the rowing machine correctly from the beginning, a professional should be there at the beginning and look at your movement sequence and in particular your posture.

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