How to find the right product in our motorcycle helmet comparison

A motorcycle should never be started without wearing a helmet. But wearing a helmet alone does not mean that safety is guaranteed. freestyle longboards care must be taken to ensure that the helmet fits, that the visor gives good visibility, and that the helmet is suitable for the type of tour and the machine. Find out here in our test or comparison table what you have to pay attention to when choosing your helmet.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our motorcycle helmet comparison

The most important in a nutshell


  • Motorcycle helmets protect your head in case of falls and accidents. The ECE standard 22-05 specifies which quality standards a helmet must meet in order to be approved for road traffic in Europe. The test mark is located near the chin strap closure.
  • Whether you opt for a motorcycle helmet with or without a visor depends not only on your sense of style. While integral and flip-up helmets are suitable for lovers of fast road racing and have a visor, open face helmets are suitable as motorcycle helmets for retro-affine friends of the Vespa.
  • Motorcycle helmets made of carbon are high-quality and expensive, but due to the high level of safety and the low weight, they are particularly recommended to riders who regularly sit on the motorcycle.


Whether you are looking for your winding luck in the serpentines or are completely satisfied with relaxed cruising in the city: wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle is not only mandatory but the much-needed protection of your life.

In the event of an accident, motorcyclists do not have a crumple zone but must cushion the entire force of an impact with their body. The right motorcycle clothing includes not only items such as a leather suit or a motorcycle jacket but of course also a helmet.

The motorcycle helmet comparison reveals which different types of helmets there are, how to determine the right fit and which useful features should not be left unmentioned in any purchasing advice.

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Furthermore, you will get to know the most popular manufacturers and motorcycle helmet brands, find out which helmets are well suited for spectacle wearers and which special features apply to children’s motorcycle helmets.


On the basis of various motorcycle helmet tests by renowned institutes such as Stiftung Warentest and Öko-Test, you will also receive information about the performance of various models in categories such as safety, pollution, and fit.


Therefore, cheap electric stakeboards with the motorcycle helmet purchase advice 2022 on the comparison portal of you are guaranteed to find the best motorcycle helmets for yourself and your passengers.


For a moped, you do not need a cross helmet. There is a suitable helmet for every motorcycle and every area of application. You don’t need to look for motorcycle helmets for women and men. This type of protection is unisex.

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