How To Choose a Mattress? Easy Steps

The first step to better sleeping is choosing the right mattress manufacturer. A new mattress is an individual purchase. What works for one person might not work for another.

It’s more than about what you can afford. There are many other factors that will impact the feel and performance of your bed. Knowing what to look out for when choosing a mattress will help you narrow down your choices.

We will show you the best way to choose a mattress, and what the most important considerations are during the purchasing process.

Are You Really in Need of a New Mattress?

Most people replace their bed after a few years. If you have the money, that is fine. A bed is a significant investment so it’s important to evaluate if this is the right time.

A new mattress is most likely to be needed after seven years. This will depend on how well you have maintained your mattress over time and the quality of its materials. A good maintenance routine and the use of high-quality materials can extend the product’s life expectancy by a few more years. However, if your neck or back hurts after you wake up, you might want to shop around.

Set your budget

It is important to determine your budget before purchasing a mattress. There are many price points for mattresses, but the good news is you will likely find one that suits your needs.

Online shopping is one of the greatest developments in the mattress industry. Online shopping allows customers to buy directly from the manufacturer and not through a retailer. This allows customers to save money and has the added benefit of having access to premium mattresses at lower prices. Many brands also offer holiday offers to help consumers save even more on their beds.

These are some guidelines to help you get started:

  • Do not always choose the cheapest option. This rule of thumb applies to most online products. A Queen-sized mattress that costs less than $500 will usually be less durable and provide a lower quality sleep.
  • Quality does not necessarily come at a higher price. You don’t have to spend thousands to buy a comfortable bed. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great products.
  • For a queen size, choose the $1000 range Usually, this is where you’ll find the most bang for your buck.
  • California King/King will be slightly more expensive. You should increase your budget for King or California King to $1400-1500 so you have more options.

Select the Type and Material You Want

Personal preference is key when choosing the type of mattress and material. You should consider the pros and cons of each type and decide if it is right for you.

Find the ideal position and firmness for you to sleep

Each person is unique in how they sleep every night. When choosing a mattress, it is important to consider how you sleep. This is because your preferred position will determine the ideal firmness of your new bed .


Pressure relief and support are the most important factors for back-sleepers. Your body will feel pressured if your mattress is too hard.

The best back-sleepers’ beds have a firmness rating of between 5 and 7.

Memory foam mattresses provide the best comfort for those who sleep on their backs. Because they conform to the spine and provide support, structure, and comfort, memory foam mattresses are great for back sleepers.

The Helix Dusk is a great choice for Back Sleepers. The Helix Dusk is medium-firm and should suit most back sleepers. The construction also includes layers that are great for back sleepers like DuraDenseFoam and coils, Memory Plus Foam and Helix Dynamic foam.


Pressure accumulation is common for people who sleep on their sides. This happens because their weight is concentrated in one area. These people should choose a soft mattress to distribute pressure more evenly.

Side sleepers should choose a mattress that has a firmness rating of between 4 and 6.

The Helix Midnight is a great choice for Side Sleepers. The Midnight mattress has Memory Plus Foam which should offer enough pressure relief for side sleepers.


Stomach sleepers should ensure equal weight distribution, as pressure will be greatest at the midsection. Your spine can curve if the mattress isn’t firm enough. This can lead to back pain.

Stomach sleepers should consider beds that are in the medium-firm range to firm, typically a 6 or greater. To ensure quality support, if you are heavier than average, you should look for a bed that is firmer than 7.

The Nolah Natural is a great choice for Stomach Sleepers. The Natural model is firm enough to provide stomach sleepers with sufficient support so that their midsection doesn’t sink too deeply into the mattress. For extra firmness and support, heavier stomach sleepers may want to add Nolah Luxury Firm mattress toppers.

Take your weight into consideration

Because weight can have an impact on factors such as support, feel, sinkage and cooling, it is important to consider. A mattress that feels different to someone who is lighter than an average or heavier person will have a different feeling.

Considerations regarding body weight and sleep position often go hand in hand. You’ll need both of these factors to be considered.

Let’s take a look at these guidelines to help you choose the right firmness level for you based on your body weight.

  • Light (Less Than 130 Pounds) Lightweight sleepers prefer beds with a medium to plush feel depending on where they sleep. The plush side will be preferred by light-weight sleepers, while stomach and back sleepers may need support from a medium-firm mattress. The medium-firm feel of this mattress should suit lighter people who sleep on their stomach or back. You might prefer something soft if you are a side sleeper.
  • Average (130-200 pounds) Medium-firm beds are preferred by average-sized sleepers, although there are some variations depending on how they sleep. A mattress with a rating of 5 may be the best for you if you sleep on your side. A bed rating of 6 to 7 is recommended for back sleepers. A bed rating between a 6 and 7 is recommended for back sleepers. The medium-firm feel of this bed should suit average sleepers. It can also be used in multiple positions including side and back.
  • Heavy Person (200+ lbs) – People who are heavier will need a firmer mattress to counter sinkage. A 7 rating is the best. For extra cooling, coil mattresses are a good option. To avoid sinking through the layers, we recommend a thicker mattress (12 inches or more). Titan mattresses are specially made for heavier people and include industrial-strength support coils that prevent the mattress from sinking into the sleeper.
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